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Shichao Wang, Xinlu Bai, Jianbin Zhou and Zhujun Chen

soil profile of greenhouses leads to nitrate leaching during the summer fallow period, when rainfall is high, which ultimately leads to nitrate concentration in groundwater ( Ju et al., 2006 ; Zhou et al., 2010 ). Therefore, nutrient use efficiency in

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Nicolas Tremblay, Edith Fallon and Noura Ziadi

least during the part of the season before sidedressing, will have to be achieved and integrated in N fertilization decision support system. Literature cited Addiscott, T. 1996 Fertilisers and nitrate leaching 1 26 Hester R.E. Harrison R.M. Agricultural

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Eric M. Lyons, Robert H. Snyder and Jonathan P. Lynch

deeper roots will allow the plant to possibly capture more nitrogen potentially reducing nitrate leaching ( Bowman et al., 1998 ). Conclusions Our results show that creeping bentgrass roots proliferate in soil domains with greater P

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S. Castro Bustamante and T.K. Hartz

and nitrate leaching hazard in lettuce production HortScience 37 1061 1064 Daniel, T.C. Sharpley, A.N. Edwards, D.R. Wedepohl, R. Lemunyon, J.L. 1994 Minimizing surface water eutrophication from agriculture by phosphorus management J. Soil Water

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Donavon Sonnenberg, Patrick A. Ndakidemi, Ambrose Okem and Charles Laubscher

in cotton J. Plant Physiol. 170 801 813 Vázquez, N. Pardo, A. Suso, M.L. Quemada, M. 2006 Drainage and nitrate leaching under processing tomato growth with drip irrigation and plastic mulching Agr. Ecosyst. Environ. 112 313 323 Younis, M.E. El

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Mathieu Ngouajio, Guangyao Wang and Ronald G. Goldy

.E. Fernandez-Boy, E. Murillo, J.M. Cabrera, F. 1996 Water balance and nitrate leaching in an irrigated maize crop in SW Spain Agr. Water Mgt. 32 71 83 Ngouajio, M. Wang, G. Goldy, R. 2007 Delaying onset of drip irrigation affects growth and yield of fresh

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Chris Wilson, Joseph Albano, Miguel Mozdzen and Catherine Riiska

250 Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater 20th ed American Public Health Assn Washington, DC Colangelo, D.J. Brand, M.H. 2001 Nitrate leaching beneath a containerized nursery crop receiving trickle or overhead irrigation J

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Robert L. Mikkelsen

nitrate leaching losses are frequently enhanced when organic manures are the sole nutrient source ( Bergstrom et al., 2008 ). Similarly, many of the issues related to phosphorus enrichment of surface water result from runoff off leaving fields receiving

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Mark Gaskell and Tim Hartz

fertilizer HortScience 41 423 426 Paramasivam, S. Alva, A.K. Fares, A. Sajwan, K.S. 2001 Estimation of nitrate leaching in an Entisol under optimum citrus production Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 65 914 921 Tindall, T.A. 2007 Recent advances in P fertilizer

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Luther C. Carson and Monica Ozores-Hampton

.P. Gupta, S.C. 2003 Nitrate leaching and nitrogen recovery following application of polyolefin-coated urea to potato J. Environ. Qual. 32 480 489