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Yingqian Lin, Alexa R. Wilson and Pascal Nzokou

. 93 902 910 Giller, K.E. Wilson, K.J. 2000 Nitrogen fixation in tropical systems CAB International Wallingford, UK Hanninen, K.S. 1998 Effects of clovers as vegetative ground cover on the growth of red birch on nursery field production J. Hort. Sci

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Javier Fernandez-Salvador, Bernadine C. Strik, Yanyun Zhao and Chad E. Finn

-applied to the plots and aisles on 8 Mar. 2013. Ground covers, as used in our study, have been shown to be permeable to fertilizers applied on top ( Zibilske, 2010 ). Plant growth. Primocanes were counted at 0.3 m height in each plot in Mar. 2012, Feb. 2013

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Dilma Silva, Donald Cox and Richard C. Beeson Jr

elutriation system Agron. J. 74 500 503 Stevens, R.M. Douglas, T. 1994 Distribution of grapevine roots and salt under drip and full-ground cover microjet irrigation systems Irrig. Sci. 15 147 152 Vogt, K.A. Vogt, D.J. Palmiotto, P.A. Boon, P. O'Hara, J

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David Granatstein and Kent Mullinix

: Tortricidae) J. Entomol. Sci. 41 107 119 Liang, W. Huang, M. 1994 Influence of citrus orchard ground cover plants on arthropod communities in China: A review Agr. Ecosyst. Environ. 50 29 37 Marsh

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Xinhua Yin, Clark F. Seavert, Janet Turner, Roberto Núñez-Elisea and Helen Cahn

Mehlich, A. 1984 Mehlich 3 soil test extractant: A modification of Mehlich 2 Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 15 1409 1416 Merwin, I.A. Ray, J.A. Steenhuis, T.S. Boll, J. 1996 Ground cover

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Genhua Niu and Raul I. Cabrera

.A. 1972 Salt tolerance of ornamental shrubs and ground covers J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 97 550 556 Bernstein, N. Asher, B.T. Haya, F. Pini, S. Ilona, R. Amram, C. Marina, I. 2006 Application of treated wastewater for cultivation of roses ( Rosa hybrida ) in

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Genhua Niu, Terri Starman and David Byrne

calcium salts to coastal saline soils on growth and mineral nutrition of rice varieties J. Plant Nutr. 3 561 567 Bernstein, L. Francois, L.E. Clark, R.A. 1972 Salt tolerance of ornamental shrubs and ground covers J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 97 550 556

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S. Christopher Marble, Andrew K. Koeser and Gitta Hasing

Weed suppression by twelve ornamental ground cover species New Zealand Plant Protection 64 149 154 Froment, M.A. Britt, C.P. Doney, J. 2000 Farm woodland weed control: Mulches as an alternative to herbicides around newly planting oak Quercus robar

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Rachel E. Rudolph, Lisa W. DeVetter, Inga A. Zasada and Cedar Hesse

135 146 Bowen, P. Freyman, S. 1995 Ground covers affect raspberry yield, photosynthesis, and nitrogen nutrition of primocanes HortScience 30 238 241 Buckley, D.H. Schmidt, T.M. 2001 The structure of microbial communities in soil and the lasting impact

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Renee H. Harkins, Bernadine C. Strik and David R. Bryla

fertilizer applied to kiwifruit ( Actinidia deliciosa ) vines. I. 15 N recovery in plant and soil Plant Soil 147 49 57 Makus, D.J. 2011 Use of synthetic ground covers to control weeds in blackberries Intl. J. Fruit Sci. 11 286 298 Malik, H. Archbold, D