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Catarina P. Carvalho, Alejandra Salvador, Pilar Navarro, Adela Monterde and Jose M. Martínez-Jávega

.L. Tominaga, S. Guardiola, J.L. 2002 Dry matter accumulation in Citrus fruit is not limited by transport capacity of the pedicel Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 90 755 764 Jiménez-Cuesta, M. Cuquerella, J. Martínez

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James E. Altland and Charles Krause

clippings. Kresten Jensen et al. (2001) reported that English ivy ( Hedera helix L.) grew well in composted miscanthus ( Miscanthus ogiformis ) substrates, although dry matter accumulation was greater in peat-based substrates. Dresboll and Thorup

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105th Annual Conference of the American Society for Horticultural Science, Orlando, FL, 21–24 July 2008: The following changes were made to the conference schedule after the Program and Abstracts issue [HortScience 43(4)] went to press.

tolerance induced by the rootstock was primarily modulated by salt acclimation and manifested in the scion via increased plant water content, stem diameter, dry matter accumulation, stoma-tal conductivity, osmotic potential and associated with alleviating

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Craig E. Kallsen, Dan E. Parfitt and Brent Holtz

.C. Nishijima, C. 1997b Leaf development, dry matter accumulation, and distribution within branches of alternate-bearing ‘Kerman’ pistachio trees J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 122 31 37 Nzima, M.D.S. Martin, G

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Jong-Goo Kang, Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, Sue K. Dove, Geoffrey M. Weaver and Marc W. van Iersel

( Capsicum annuum ) transplants. The ABA-induced reduction in dry matter accumulation is likely caused by restricted diffusion of CO 2 into the leaf tissue due to ABA-induced stomatal closure ( Buckley, 2005 ; Chaves et al., 2003 ; Pantin et al., 2012

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D. Michael Glenn and Carole Bassett

Masle et al. (1992) demonstrated that plant ash content was related to WUE (dry matter accumulation per unit of transpiration) and Δ in a range of C 3 species. These findings have been confirmed in many studies of wheat ( Araus et al., 1998

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Justine E. Vanden Heuvel and Carolyn J. DeMoranville

fruit diameter, indicating that fruit dry matter accumulation and fruit expansion are closely linked. ‘Early Black’ and ‘Stevens’ showed a slight lag phase in growth in 2002, although a lag phase was not particularly evident in ‘Howes’ ( Fig. 5B ). Dry

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Ben van Hooijdonk, David Woolley, Ian Warrington and Stuart Tustin

was to limit dry matter accumulation in the root, rootstock stem, and stem of the primary shoot compared with R.G, collectively lowering the mean total dry weight of the tree ( Table 1 ). M.9 also lowered the root:scion dry weight ratio by April

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Marcos R. Sachet, Idemir Citadin, Silvia Scariotto, Idalmir dos Santos, Pedro H. Zydek and Maria do Carmo B. Raseira

of blooming in the next cycle. The same was observed for budburst ( Table 5 ). The ripening date was significantly related to the respective HAD. Early ripening requires higher rates of dry matter accumulation in fruits and more rapid translocation of

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Francesco Giuffrida, Marianna Martorana and Cherubino Leonardi

. Pospíšilová, F. Kaše, M. Šesták, Z. 1985 Gas exchange and dry matter accumulation during leaf development 157 216 Šesták Z. Photosynthesis during leaf development Springer Berlin, Germany White, P.J. Broadley, M.R. 2001 Chloride in soils and its uptake and