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Suzanne O’Connell and Robert Tate

, planting dates, cultivar choice, crop rotation strategies, pest and disease management and other cultural practices. The state of GA, similar to many locations in the Southeast, is subject to short, mild winters interrupted by cold snaps ( NCEI, 1982 ). The

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Stephanie Wedryk, Joel Felix, Doug Doohan and John Cardina

al., 2011 ). Weed suppression and grain yields in the first certified organic year can be affected by the species of cover crop used during 3 years of transition ( Smith et al., 2011 ). Transitional strategies of different agronomic crop rotations

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Kurt B. Waldman, David S. Conner, John A. Biernbaum, Michael W. Hamm and Adam D. Montri

challenging to model profitability on a revenue per-square foot basis (as is more common in floriculture/greenhouses) or to make comparisons with crop rotations on a per-acre basis over the course of 1 year (such as a linear programming approach as is more

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Mary Ruth McDonald and Sean M. Westerveld

the crops have often been harvested before the time when severe clubbing occurs. Several strategies have been developed for long-season Brassica crops to reduce damage in the field, including liming, fertilizers, crop rotation, and chemical controls

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Ramon G. Leon and Delanie Kellon

-2’, and had no research program or direct access to one. Ninety-three percent of the farms maintained their pineapple production area under a monoculture system. Only 7% of the farms reported growing pineapple as part of a crop rotation system. The

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Chris Gunter and Daniel S. Egel

wilt is difficult without good genetic resistance. For example, many triploid hybrids lack adequate host resistance ( Egel and Hoke, 2007 ). The usefulness of crop rotations is limited because chlamydospores of FON may survive many years in the soil

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Jen Colcol Marzu, Elizabeth Straley and Michael J. Havey

temperatures ( Lacy and Roberts, 1982 ). Methods to control PR include long crop rotations ( Entwistle, 1990 ), soil solarization or fumigation ( Ahmed and Harrington, 1974 ; Hartz et al., 1989 ; Katan, 1980 ; Lee et al., 2007 ; Porter et al., 1989

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Ping Li, Dong Liu, Min Guo, Yuemin Pan, Fangxin Chen, Huajian Zhang and Zhimou Gao

survival of this pathogen. Crop rotation with nonhost species may be an ineffective disease management strategy in regions which A1 and A2 P. capsici mating types were colocalized with this weed. The PCR strategy described here can be applied to rapidly

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William J. Sciarappa, Jim Simon, Ramu Govindasamy, Kathleen Kelley, Frank Mangan, Shouan Zhang, Surendran Arumugam, Peter Nitzsche, Richard Van Vranken, Stephen Komar, Albert Ayeni, Gene McAvoy, Chung Park, William Reichert, David Byrnes, Qingli Wu, Brian Schilling and Ricardo Orellana

demand despite the reluctance of many growers to consider this plant as a crop rather than as a weed. These horticulturally bred cultivars may need to be considered as potentially invasive species. Current agricultural methods such as crop rotation

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J.R. Heckman

replaced annually or at least within the longer crop rotation cycle. Values for crop nutrient removal are useful for providing estimates of the amount of nutrients that must be applied to maintain soil fertility when levels have already been built up to the