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Filippo Sgroi, Mario Foderà, Anna Maria Di Trapani, Salvatore Tudisca and Riccardo Testa

fraction of it. In conclusion, the fragmented production and offer, together with the shortcomings of policies aiming to enhance products, lead to stagnation of agricultural activities, which inevitably lowers incomes and employment opportunities in the

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Alyssa H. Cho, Alan W. Hodges and Carlene A. Chase

:// >. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity 2010 Occupational Employment Statistics and Wages. 13 Jan. 2012. <

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Giuseppe Timpanaro, Arturo Urso and Vera T. Foti

contributes significantly to the creation of income and employment and the socioeconomic sustainability of entire territories. The favorable performance of this sector, along with studies in the scientific literature related to technical-economic and market

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and studio projects support an ecological, sustainable approach to the planning, design and maintenance of the land. ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS There are growing employment opportunities in the landscape industry for

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companies with higher annual gross sales utilized higher levels of automation/mechanization. Automation/mechanization had a neutral effect on employment, but resulted in higher workers' earnings. Preharvest Lipophilic Coatings Reduce Lenticel Breakdown in

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Kimberly A. Moore and Brian J. Pearson

), listening, time management, collaboration and team work, leadership, etiquette, and problem solving ( Andrews and Higson, 2008 ; Crosbie, 2005 ; Heckman and Kautz, 2012 ; Robles, 2012 ). Industry employment need surveys have identified a demand and

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, M. Aslam Khan, M. Qasim, Tanveer Ahmad and A.S. Khan

can improve the economic status of the growers. As roses are typically grown in rural and peri-urban areas, rose production has the added advantage of generating employment in this economically weak section of our society. However, there is still a big

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Emilie A.K. Justen, Cynthia Haynes, Ann Marie VanDerZanden and Nancy Grudens-Schuck

in the importance of the horticultural industry to its farming profile, but a change in the profile of the agricultural employment pool. Within the last decade, Iowa has experienced an influx of employees able and willing to work in the horticulture

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Kimberly A. Williams, Chad T. Miller and Ward Upham

influencing urban students to major in agriculture. PhD Diss., Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, KS U.S. Department of Agriculture 2015 Employment opportunities for college graduates in food, renewable energy, and the environment; United States 2015–2020. 20 July

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Leigh Anne Starling, Tina Marie Waliczek, Rebecca Haller, Beverly J. Brown, René Malone and Stephen Mitrione

between academics, education, employment, salaries, and professional registration ( Larson et al., 2010 ; Shoemaker, 2003 ; Stober and Mattson, 1993 ). This research has contributed to the understanding of the issues and challenges of horticultural