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Bruce W. Wood, Charles C. Reilly, Clive H. Bock and Michael W. Hotchkiss

deficiency disrupts metabolism of ureides, amino acids, and organic acids of young pecan foliage Plant Physiol. 140 433 443 Bai, C. Wood, B.W. Reilly, C.C. 2007 Nickel deficiency affects nitrogenous forms and urease activity in spring xylem sap of pecan J

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Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

xylem sap rather than deionized water. Our findings may also be relevant to the long-distance, root to shoot signaling under drought as described by Christmann et al. (2007) . This hydraulic, long-distance signal can induce ABA production in the leaves

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Vicente Gimeno, James P. Syvertsen, Inma Simon, Vicente Martinez, Jose M. Camara-Zapata, Manuel Nieves and Francisco Garcia-Sanchez

.B. 1996 Stomatal closure in flooded tomato plants involves abscisic acid and a chemically unidentified anti-transpirant in xylem sap Plant Physiol. 112 239 247 Farquhar, G.D. Sharkey, T.D. 1982 Stomatal conductance and photosynthesis Annu. Rev. Plant

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Youssef Rouphael, Mariateresa Cardarelli, Giuseppe Colla and Elvira Rea

165 170 Kato, T. Lou, H. 1989 Effect of rootstocks on yield, mineral nutrition and hormonal level in xylem sap in eggplant J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 58 345 352 Kaya, C. Higgs, D

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Giuseppe Colla, Carolina María Cardona Suárez, Mariateresa Cardarelli and Youssef Rouphael

nitrate leaching in tile-drained midwestern soils Agron. J. 94 153 171 Dong, H.H. Niu, Y.H. Li, W.J. Zhang, D.M. 2008 Effects of cotton rootstock on endogenous cytokinins and abscisic acid in xylem

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Yi Zhang, Tracey Mechlin and Imed Dami

, Y. Li, W. Zhang, D. 2008 Effects of cotton rootstock on endogenous cytokinins and abscisic acid in xylem sap and leaves in relation to leaf senescence J. Expt. Bot. 59 1295 1304 Eichhorn, K.W. Lorenz, D.H. 1977 Phenological development stages of the

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Fan-Hsuan Yang, Lisa W. DeVetter, Bernadine C. Strik and David R. Bryla

might have resulted in a reduction in the cumulative influx of Ca in the xylem sap at this site ( Zhang and Keller, 2015 ). Seeds in the fruit are also involved in fruit Ca accumulation ( Buccheri and Di Vaio, 2005 ). Cultivars that regularly produce low

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Luis J. Belmonte-Ureña, Jose A. Garrido-Cardenas and Francisco Camacho-Ferre

. H. Lou 1989 Effects of rootstock on the yield, mineral nutrition and hormone level in xylem sap in eggplant J. Jpn. Soc. Hortic. Sci. 58 345 352 Lee, J. M. 1989 On the cultivation of grafted plants of cucurbitaceous vegetables [in Korean with English

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Julie M. Tarara and Jorge E. Perez Peña

; reduced root water potential; increased xylem sap pH; and/or increased abscisic acid (ABA) concentrations in the leaf, xylem, or root, all implicated in the control of stomatal aperture. However, there is yet to be consensus on the relative importance of

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Shinsuke Agehara and Daniel I. Leskovar

inhibition of leaf growth ( Van Volkenburgh, 1999 ). Several studies reported that restricted leaf expansion was correlated with ABA increases in xylem sap ( Ismail et al., 2002 ; Salah and Tardieu, 1997 ) or leaves ( Alves and Setter, 2000 ; He and Cramer