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Eric B. Brennan and Richard F. Smith

the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program ( California Environmental Protection Agency ). An ideal cover crop for strawberry furrows of California would 1) be easy and inexpensive to establish; 2) reduce erosion, runoff, nitrate leaching, and weeds; 3

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Yang Fang, Jeffrey Williamson, Rebecca Darnell, Yuncong Li and Guodong Liu

sylvatica) seedlings J. Expt. Bot. 49 1529 1537 Gheysari, M. Mirlatifi, S.M. Homaee, M. Asadi, M.E. Hoogenboom, G. 2009 Nitrate leaching in a silage maize field under different irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer rates Agr. Water Mgt. 96 946 954 Hanson, E

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Mohammed Z. Alam, Calvin Chong, Jennifer Llewellyn and Glen P. Lumis

split dose (one-third at start, and two-thirds as topdress 1 month later). This split application was used to investigate if this strategy would be better for plant growth and for reduction of early-season nitrate leaching from initial one

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Kayla R. Sanders and Jeffrey S. Beasley

cultivation practices and their environmental impact Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 30 2473 2480 Saha, S. Unruh, J. Trenholm, L. 2007 Effect of fertilizer source on nitrate leaching and st. augustinegrass turfgrass quality HortScience 42 1478 1481 Schwartz, L. Shuman

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Pengpeng Duan, Ying Sun, Yuling Zhang, Qingfeng Fan, Na Yu, Xiuli Dang and Hongtao Zou

, nitrification, and amidohydrolase activities in a manure-treated soil J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 175 265 272 Kirchmann, H. Bergström, L. 2001 Do organic farming practices reduce nitrate leaching? Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 32 997 1028 Kuscu, H. Turhan, A. Ozmen

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Carl J. Rosen and Deborah L. Allan

high C:N amendments are used. In most cases, however, yields will suffer. Nitrate leaching with organic nutrient sources is usually either similar to or greater than conventional sources when high rates of manure or compost are applied. The main cause

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Adam D. Karl, Ian A. Merwin, Michael G. Brown, Rebecca A. Hervieux and Justine E. Vanden Heuvel

analyses of Cabernet Franc Amer. J. Enol. Viticult. (In press) Kramer, S.B. Reganold, J.P. Glover, J.D. Bohannan, B.J. Mooney, H.A. 2006 Reduced nitrate leaching and enhanced denitrifier activity and efficiency in organically fertilized soils. Proc. Natl

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Lucas G. Paranhos, Charles E. Barrett, Lincoln Zotarelli, Tatiana Borisova, Rebecca Darnell and Kati Migliaccio

plasticulture. Fertilizer represented the highest line-item cost of the budget for both production systems. Bare ground production with seepage irrigation has been characterized as having low irrigation efficiency and a high vulnerability for nitrate leaching

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez and James E. Hook

( Locascio et al., 1989 ; Ngouajio et al., 2007 ) and enhances nitrate leaching of vegetable crops ( Díaz-Pérez and Eaton, 2015 ; Simonne et al., 2010 ). The objectives of these studies were to evaluate the effects of drip-irrigation rates (from deficit to

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Xinhua Yin, Jinhe Bai and Clark F. Seavert

applied on the soil surface, not incorporated into the active root zone. Second, the single application rate may be too high, resulting in low N use efficiency and high nitrate leaching. Root systems simply cannot absorb such high N rates in such a short