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Kun Li, Qi-Chang Yang, Yu-Xin Tong and Ruifeng Cheng

.W. Giacomelli, G.A. 1989 Development of a plant factory model: I. The organizational and operational model II. A plant growth model: The single truss tomato crop Acta Hort. 248 85 94 Morimoto, T. Torii, T. Hashimoto, Y. 1995 Optimal control of physiological

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Yan Chen, Regina P. Bracy, Allen D. Owings and Donald J. Merhaut

Cited Asaeda, T. Rajapaks, L. Fujino, T. 2008 Applications of organ-specific growth models; modelling of resource translocation and the role of emergent aquatic plants in element cycles Ecol. Modell. 215 170 179 Ayaz, S.C. Akca, L. 2001 Treatment of

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Ming Li and Wei-tang Song

Prod. Sci. 7 4 851 855 Van Henten, E.J. 1994 Validation of a dynamic lettuce growth model for greenhouse climate control Agr. Syst. 45 1 851 855 Van Henten, E.J. Bontsema, J. 1995 Non-destructive crop measurements by image processing for crop growth

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Ren-jun Feng, Li-li Zhang, Jing-yi Wang, Jin-mei Luo, Ming Peng, Jun-feng Qi, Yin-don Zhang and Li-fang Lu

Crit. Rev. Plant Sci. 20 395 465 Vanhove, A.C. Vermaelen, W. Panis, B. Swennen, R. Carpentier, S.C. 2012 Screening the banana biodiversity for drought tolerance: Can an in vitro growth model and proteomics be used as a tool to discover tolerant

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Dewayne L. Ingram

as they mature during their use phase ( McPherson and Simpson, 1999 ) according to a normal growth model for each species. A colorado blue spruce transplanted as a 2-m tall tree into a suburban landscape in the lower midwestern United States

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Ryan W. Dickson and Paul R. Fisher

a plant growth model. The percent NH 4 + -N of total applied N (remainder as NO 3 – -N) expected to result in a neutral root zone pH for each species in either substrate or hydroponics was estimated using linear regression, and is summarized in

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Geno A. Picchioni, Sharon A. Martinez, John G. Mexal and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

fertilization practices should be modified to address potential nutrient limitations. In this study, we selected garden chrysanthemum as a vegetative growth model as it represents a traditional greenhouse crop with high nutrient demands ( Cavins et al., 2000

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Arthur Villordon, Ron Sheffield, Jose Rojas and Yin-Lin Chiu

relationship between US1 yield and agroclimatic variables known to influence storage root initiation in ‘Beauregard’ sweetpotato ( Villordon et al., 2010 ). BBNs and other crop growth modeling approaches are important components of agriculture-related decision

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Chenping Zhou, Ruiting Chen, Yaqiang Sun, He Wang, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications (FSPMA), Intl. Conf. IEEE 167–174 Quentin, A.G. Close, D.C. Hennen, L.M.H.P. Pinkard, E.A. 2013 Down-regulation of photosynthesis following girdling, but contrasting effects on fruit set and

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Marc W. van Iersel, Matthew Chappell and John D. Lea-Cox

for photosynthesis, quantum sensors are often used when the collected data are needed for plant growth models. Such models can also be coupled to water use models, in which case quantum sensors can be used for irrigation management. Photosynthetically