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Luther C. Carson, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Kelly T. Morgan and Steven A. Sargent

2214 2231 Sato, S. Morgan, K.T. Ozores-Hampton, M. Mahmoud, K. Simonne, E.H. 2012 Nutrient balance and fertilizer use efficiency in sandy soils cropped with tomatoes under seepage irrigation Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 76 1867 1876 Sato, S. Morgan, K

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Mildred N. Makani, Steven A. Sargent, Lincoln Zotarelli, Donald J. Huber and Charles A. Sims

-set Amer. Potato J. 70 599 609 Makani, M.N. 2014 Postharvest quality of ‘new’ potatoes: Effects of improved water and fertilizer use efficiency during production and application of ‘rapid curing’ during storage. University of Florida, Gainesville, PhD Diss

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Michael D. Dukes, Lincoln Zotarelli and Kelly T. Morgan

fruit crops in Florida, providing growers with the opportunity to apply nutrients more frequently in quantities that closely match short-term crop nutrient requirements ( Hartz and Hochmuth, 1996 ; Hochmuth, 1992 ). This results in higher fertilizer use

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Eric Simonne, Chad Hutchinson, Jim DeValerio, Robert Hochmuth, Danielle Treadwell, Allan Wright, Bielinski Santos, Alicia Whidden, Gene McAvoy, Xin Zhao, Teresa Olczyk, Aparna Gazula and Monica Ozores-Hampton

organic P content Plant Soil 278 262 274 Halvorson, A.D. Follett, R.F. Bartolo, M.E. Schweissing, F.C. 2002 Nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency of furrow-irrigated onion and corn Agron. J. 94 442 449 Hochmuth, G.J. Hanlon, E. Nagata, R. Snyder, G

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Xinhua Yin, Jinhe Bai and Clark F. Seavert

reduction in fruit superficial scald, increase in fruit weight, and enhancement in N and P fertilizer use efficiency. Band placement of N and P increases fruit weight and reduces fruit superficial scald compared with broadcast application with soil

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Ka Yeon Jeong, Paul V. Nelson, Carl E. Niedziela Jr. and David A. Dickey

crops in high quantity. This calls attention to the importance of monitoring substrate EC as a tool for regulating fertilizer application in accordance with crop demand. Furthermore, this justifies the value of understanding fertilizer use efficiency for

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Neil S. Mattson and Marc W. van Iersel

II MicroMacro Publishing Athens, GA Obreza, T.A. Sartain, J.B. 2010 Improving nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use efficiency for Florida's horticultural crops HortTechnology 20 23 33 Porter, G.A. Sisson, J.A. 1991 Petiole nitrate content of Maine

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Laura L. Van Eerd

Van Eerd, L.L. 2007 Evaluation of different nitrogen use efficiency indices using field-grown green bell peppers ( Capsicum annuum L.) Can. J. Plant Sci. 87 565 569 Van Eerd, L.L. O'Reilly, K.A. 2009 Yield, nitrogen dynamics, and fertilizer use

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Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin and Michael G. Brown

estimate N fertilizer use efficiency. In mid-Apr. 2001, the dormant trees to which 15 N had been applied the previous year were excavated carefully to obtain as much of their shoot and root systems as possible. Each tree was dissected into different size

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Luther C. Carson and Monica Ozores-Hampton

-efficiency fertilizers (EEFs), which may increase the fertilizer use efficiency by maintaining nutrients, such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), near the point of placement and reducing leaching losses rather than becoming an environmental pollutant