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Cibele Mantovani, Jonas Pereira de Souza Júnior, Renato de Mello Prado and Kathia Fernandes Lopes Pivetta

sensitive to SA, it is reasonable to assume that supplying this substance in the growth medium may induce toxicity in certain orchid species as a consequence of cellular electrolyte leakage, which impacts on plants’ biological variables. Therefore, the

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Melek Ekinci, Ertan Yildirim, Atilla Dursun and Metin Turan

temperature and the (EC2) was again measured. Electrolyte leakage was calculated as a percentage of EC1/EC2 ( Shi et al., 2006 ). Stomatal conductance. Stomatal conductance ( g S ) was measured on the youngest fully expanded upper leaf, along the right abaxial

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Pascal Nzokou and Paligwende Nikiema

Lynn, UK). Needles were placed into a clip and dark-acclimated for a period of 15 min allowing all electron acceptors to fully oxidize and then placed under the PEA to measure the Fv/Fm parameter. Relative electrolyte leakage. Relative

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Liping Kou, Tianbao Yang, Xianjin Liu and Yaguang Luo

, if treated by 10 mmol·L −1 CaCl 2 before harvest, the shelf life can be extended to 14–21 d due to stimulated superoxide dismutase and peroxidase activities, lowered tissue electrolyte leakage, improved overall visual quality, and reduced microbial

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Emily B. Merewitz and Sha Liu

heat stress may be related to its induction of plant antioxidants and protection of proteins against degradation, denaturation, and/or aggregation ( Arnao and Hernandez-Ruiz, 2015 ). Foliar treatment with melatonin reduced electrolyte leakage in tomato

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Kehua Wang and Yiwei Jiang

and Bloom (1985) . The leaf Chl was extracted by soaking 20 to 40 mg samples in 15 mL dimethyl sulfoxide in the dark for 48 h. The absorbance was read at 662 and 645 nm. The root electrolyte leakage was measured according to the method of Blum and

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María A. Equiza and David A. Francko

with silica incrustations ( Larcher et al., 1991 ; Martens et al., 1980 ). The electrolyte leakage method ( Dexter et al., 1932 ) has been extensively used to quantify plant tissue damage by frost. For quantitative comparisons among species, the

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Wanmei Jin, Jing Dong, Yuanlei Hu, Zhongping Lin, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

. Hybridization signal detection was carried out according to the manufacturer's protocol. Cold resistance test of the transgenic grape. Biological tests for cold resistance of the transgenic grapevine were conducted as follows: the methods of electrolyte leakage

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Xinhua Zhang, Fujun Li, Nana Ji, Shujun Shao, Dongyang Wang, Ling Li and Fansheng Cheng

was collected from the equatorial surface of 10 fruit per replicate at different hours or days for gene, enzyme, electrolyte leakage, MDA, polyamines, and proline analyses. Another sample of 15 fruit was removed weekly from cold storage and held at 20

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Ningguang Dong, Jianxun Qi, Yuanfa Li, Yonghao Chen and Yanbin Hao

primary sites where responses to chilling-induced oxidative stress occur. Electrolyte leakage and malondialdehyde (MDA) content are often used to assess stress-induced damage in membranes ( Karimi and Ershadi, 2015 ; Zhang et al., 2012 ). Chloroplasts are