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Cecilia McGregor, Vickie Waters, Savithri Nambeesan, Dan MacLean, Byron L. Candole and Patrick Conner

use of resistant cultivars, fungicides, and cultural practices such as crop rotation ( Louws et al., 2008 ; Ristaino and Johnston, 1999 ). However, its wide host range ( Erwin and Ribeiro, 1996 ) spanning at least 14 families including economically

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Robert L. Mikkelsen

during manure storage and composting. Because excreted K mostly goes into urine, if this fraction is not effectively recovered, it will not be returned to the field with the solid portion of the manure. Crop rotations are a central part of organic

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Guangyao Wang, Mathieu Ngouajio, Milton E. McGiffen Jr and Chad M. Hutchinson

input from agricultural fields to the nearby Salton Sea and decreased investment return have encouraged growers to adopt more sustainable production techniques such as crop rotation and the use of cover crops ( Hartwig and Ammon, 2002 ). Cover cropping

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Alfredo Reyes-Tena, Arturo Castro-Rocha, Gerardo Rodríguez-Alvarado, Gerardo Vázquez-Marrufo, Martha Elena Pedraza-Santos, Kurt Lamour, John Larsen and Sylvia Patricia Fernández-Pavía

throughout the seasons. A better crop rotation program is required to decrease the inoculum concentration. Crop rotation for 3 years with nonsusceptible hosts is recommended because the oospores can survive and remain virulent in soils ( Babadoost and Pavon

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Carl J. Rosen and Deborah L. Allan

in crop rotations, insects and diseases, cultivar, climate, stage of harvest, and postharvest handling. From a practical or consumer standpoint, it may not matter what the exact causes of the differences are, but from a production or scientific

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Suzanne O’Connell and Robert Tate

, planting dates, cultivar choice, crop rotation strategies, pest and disease management and other cultural practices. The state of GA, similar to many locations in the Southeast, is subject to short, mild winters interrupted by cold snaps ( NCEI, 1982 ). The

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Stephanie Wedryk, Joel Felix, Doug Doohan and John Cardina

al., 2011 ). Weed suppression and grain yields in the first certified organic year can be affected by the species of cover crop used during 3 years of transition ( Smith et al., 2011 ). Transitional strategies of different agronomic crop rotations

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Kurt B. Waldman, David S. Conner, John A. Biernbaum, Michael W. Hamm and Adam D. Montri

challenging to model profitability on a revenue per-square foot basis (as is more common in floriculture/greenhouses) or to make comparisons with crop rotations on a per-acre basis over the course of 1 year (such as a linear programming approach as is more

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Xiaofeng Yang, Lianzhu Chen, Ming Cao, Xuebin Zhang and Shaopeng Li

. Thorup-Kristensen, K. Pedersen, A. Piro, F. Venezia, A. Firth, C. Schmutz, U. Rayns, F. Strohmeyer, K. 2010 EU-Rotate N−a decision support system−to predict environmental and economic consequences of the management of nitrogen fertiliser in crop rotations

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Daniel C. Brainard, John Bakker, D. Corey Noyes and Norm Myers

Center for Appropriate Technology 5 Aug. 2011. < >. Liebman, M. Dyck, E. 1993 Crop rotation and intercropping strategies for weed management Ecol. Appl. 3 92 122 Nigh, E.L. 1990 Stress factors influencing