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Haly L. Neely, Richard T. Koenig, Carol A. Miles, Teresa C. Koenig and Meriam G. Karlsson

, spinach, Swiss chard ( Beta vulgaris var. cicla L.), and radish ( Raphanus sativus L.). These species are considered nitrophilic ( Vogtmann et al., 1984 ) because of luxury nitrogen (N) consumption that may lead to its accumulation in excess of the

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Richard H. Molinar

vegetables. The stem and leaves are also used in soups. They are also good raw in salads. Daikon ( Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus ) is also called chinese radish and is related to the common radish, originating from the Mediterranean. Alternaria leaf

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Lucina Gómez-Pérez, Luis Alonso Valdez-Aguilar, Alberto Sandoval-Rangel, Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza, Rosalinda Mendoza-Villarreal and Ana María Castillo-González

) and Siddiqui et al. (2013) reported similar results in tomato and radish ( Raphanus sativus L.) plants when exposed to high salinity and B, respectively, suggesting that the supplementary Ca reduced the electrolytic leakage through cell membranes

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Matthew J. Kararo, Kathryn S. Orvis and Neil A. Knobloch

germinate and fast-growing seeds were used, including garden pea ( Pisum sativum ), leaf lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ), common bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris ), radish ( Raphanus sativus ), and spinach ( Spinacia oleracea ), so that youth could experience the

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

lycopersicum ( Colla et al., 2014 ; Parrado et al., 2008 )], radish [ Raphanus sativus ( Liu et al., 2008 )], and lily [ Lilium ( De Lucia and Vecchietti, 2012 )]. The growth enhancement by PHs has been attributed to increased nutrient uptake, assimilation

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Arianna Bozzolo and Michael R. Evans

cabbage ( Brassica pekinensis ), lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ), pepper ( Capsicum annuum ), and radish ( Raphanus sativus ) plants was higher in water-washed cork than in vermiculite. The authors speculated that the hot water wash technique used to wash the

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Daniel C. Brainard, John Bakker, D. Corey Noyes and Norm Myers

protect the soil from wind and rain erosion. For example, Paschold et al. (1999) report that in Germany, oilseed radish ( Raphanus sativus var oleiforis L.) grown under asparagus fern from August to October reduces vulnerability to leaching by taking up

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Thibault Nordey, Elias Shem and Joel Huat

.J. Blattmann, P. 2004 Hydraulic conductance and rootstock effects in grafted vines of kiwifruit J. Expt. Bot. 55 1371 1382 Deberdt, P. Gozé, E. Coranson-Beaudu, R. Perrin, B. Fernandes, P. Lucas, P. Ratnadass, A. 2015 Crotalaria spectabilis and Raphanus

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Fazeeda N. Hosein, Adrian M. Lennon and Pathmanathan Umaharan

been successfully used for the stable transformation of recalcitrant plants such as wheat, monterey pine ( Pinus radiata ), banana ( Musa acuminata ), lentil, and radish ( Raphanus sativus ) ( Acereto-Escoffie et al., 2005 ; Adesoye et al., 2010

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Denise V. Duclos and Thomas Björkman

( Hamano et al., 2002 ), Raphanus sativus ( Nishijima et al., 1998 ), and arabidopsis ( Talon et al., 1990 )]. However, GAs in the early-13-hydroxylated pathway (GA 1 , GA 3 ) were previously found not to induce flowering in summer or fall cauliflowers