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Adnan Nurhan Yildirim, Fatma Akinci-Yildirim, Mehmet Polat, Bekir Şan and Yılmaz Sesli

both many species of family Rosaceae (particularly in the species of subfamilies Prunoideae and Maloideae ) and the species of families Leguminosae , Gramineae , Araceae , Compositae , and Euphorbiaceae ( Ferrara et al., 2010 ). Amygdalin is

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Dong Sik Yang, Svoboda V. Pennisi, Ki-Cheol Son and Stanley J. Kays

based on taxonomical relatedness. However, the Araceae family [e.g., E . aureum (6.71 μg·m −3 ·m −2 ·h −1 ), S . podophyllum (7.04), P . scandens ssp. oxycardium (7.26), Dieffencachia seguine (8.05), S . wallisii (11.15)] generally had

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Shu-Ting Fan, Der-Ming Yeh and Tsu-Tsuen Wang

containing a coir-based medium commonly used for commercial production of Araceae plants. When the plants were treated with ethylene, sufficient ethylene was injected into sealed polypropylene boxes to provide a range of treatment concentrations for 7 d at 15

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Zhanao Deng and Natalia A. Peres

Caladiums ( Caladium × hortulanum Birdsey, Araceae Juss.) can be grown in containers or planted in the landscape as accent and border plants ( Evans et al., 1992 ). They are valued for their long-lasting colorful foliage. Most of the commercially

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Carlee Steppe, Sandra B. Wilson, Zhanao Deng, Keri Druffel and Gary W. Knox

(Araceae) J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 49 449 459 Czarnecki, D.M. 2011 Genetic sterilization and reproductive biology of Lantana camara . University of Florida, Gainesville, PhD Diss Czarnecki, D.M. Wilson, S.B. Knox, G.W. Freyre, R. Deng, Z. 2012 UF-T3 and UF

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Melissa Bravo, Antonio DiTommaso and David Hayes

) reported members of the arum, dogbane, mulberry, olive, spurge, and vervain families (Araceae, Apocynaceae, Moraceae, Oleaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and Verbenaceae, respectively) can be just as prevalent. The contrasting results between these four studies

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Mordecai J. Jaffe and A. Carl Leopold

(Araceae) Bot. Acta 110 49 54 Putz, N. 1998 Underground plant movement. V. Contractile root tubers and their importance to the mobility of Hemerocallis fulva (L.) Int. J. Plant Sci. 159 23 30 Rimbach

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Cunquan Yuan, Zhiyi Qu, Huitang Pan, Tangren Cheng, Jia Wang and Qixiang Zhang

sequencing to characterize microsatellite loci in a tropical aquatic plant species Cryptocoryne cordata var. cordata (Araceae) Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 61 385 389 Taheri, S. Abdullah, T.L. Yusop, M.R. Hanafi, M.M. Sahebi, M. Azizi, P. Shamshiri, R.R. 2018

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Aurora Díaz, Antonio Martín, Pilar Rallo and Raúl De la Rosa

Pollen movement in a natural population of Arisaema serratum (Araceae), a plant with a pitfall-trap flower pollination system Amer. J. Bot. 92 1114 1123 Rallo, L. 1995 Selección y mejora genética del olivo en España

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Xia Chun-hua and Chen Jian-hua

Anthurium andraeanum Lind. (Araceae) is an economically important tropical potted and fresh-cut ornamental flower species ( Dufour and Guerin, 2003 ). Studies have shown that reduced light intensity under conditions of excessive shading or