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John E. Kaminski and Michael A. Fidanza

volume (e.g., 814 L·ha −1 ). However, turfgrass managers often apply tank-mixes of fungicides with varying modes of activity (e.g., contact or systemic-type categorized as acropetal or localized penetrant, etc.) in lower water volumes in the interest of

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Matthew T. Elmore, James A. Murphy and Bradley S. Park

four sequential applications of mesotrione at 140 or 210 g·ha –1 provided similar (>90%) CBG control at 3 to 4 MAIT ( Dernoeden et al., 2008 ). Using lower mesotrione rates than other researchers, Xie et al. (2011) demonstrated that tank mixing

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Christopher A. Proctor, Matt D. Sousek, Aaron J. Patton, Daniel V. Weisenberger and Zachary J. Reicher

control was consistently achieved using sequential applications of prodiamine, pendimethalin, or dithiopyr regardless of herbicides used for the initial and sequential application. Tank mixes using HR-plus-HR of prodiamine, pendimethalin, or dithiopyr also

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Richard V. Tyson, Eric H. Simonne, Danielle D. Treadwell, James M. White and Amarat Simonne

Nitrifying Bacteria). The bacteria solution contained a mix of 50% Nitrosomonas sp. and 50% Nitrobacter sp. with a count of 6.7 × 10 4 cells/mL according to the supplier (Aquatic Eco-systems). Another 50 mL per tank of Proline Freshwater Nitrifying

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Marie Abbey, Neil O. Anderson, Chengyan Yue, Michele Schermann, Nicholas Phelps, Paul Venturelli and Zata Vickers

conducted for a 13-month period (Jan. 2016–Feb. 2017). Three cultivars of lettuce were used for this experiment: Rex, Skyphos, and the Salanova Series Mix. The mix is a composite mix of four different cultivars: Salanova Green Incised, Salanova Green Sweet

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and the addition of non-ionic surfactant did not improve glyphosate efficacy, but increased glyphosate absorption and translocation. Saflufenacil Herbicide More Effective in Tank Mixes Saflufenacil is a post-emergence, contact herbicide for dicot weed

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Takafumi Kinoshita and Masaharu Masuda

same fruit production with high nutrient use efficiency by suppressing luxury nutrient uptake compared with LF application ( Kinoshita and Masuda, 2011a ). In our study, CRF was supplied by mixing fertilizer with substrate in the usual way. However

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seashore paspalum injury. They found the addition of metribuzin and/or ethofumesate to the tank mix safened (i.e., reduced turf discoloration) seashore paspalum to topramezone or mesotrione foliar bleaching. They also determined that the highest level of

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R.G. Linderman and E.A. Davis

and Benson, 2001 ). The use of aerated steam to pasteurize soil or potting mixes to eradicate soilborne pathogens, weed seeds, and insects was pioneered by K.F. Baker (1957) . The principles of treating soil or potting media with heat at temperatures

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Fengyun Zhao, Junli Sun, Songlin Yu, Huaifeng Liu and Kun Yu

. SDI with tanks is a technique newly developed by our research team that can effectively solve the problem of small infiltration range. This new method is suitable for applications in the forestry and fruit industries. Compared with traditional surface