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Judith Pozo, Miguel Urrestarazu, Isidro Morales, Jessica Sánchez, Milagrosa Santos, Fernando Dianez and Juan E. Álvaro

response of plants to copper toxicity. Consequently, the beneficial effects of Si fertilization have the potential to mitigate the depletion of soil nutrients ( Guntzer et al., 2012 ), so Si fertilization is an alternative to the extensive use of N–P–K

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William Garrett Owen

, propagation ( Owen, 2017 ) and plant growth control ( Latimer, 2016 ) studies, respectively. To date, optimum fertilization requirements ( Owen et al., 2013 ; Scoggins, 2005 ) and nutritional leaf tissue sufficiency ranges and standards ( Barnes, 2010

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Joseph N. Wolukau, Xiao-Hui Zhou, Ying Li, Yong-Bin Zhang and Jin-Feng Chen

plastic tunnel at 27 °C ± 2. Plants were fertilized weekly with a dilute solution of soluble N–P–K fertilizer, 1N–1.5P–1.0K per 10 L of water. Inoculation. Plants at the four to six true-leaf stage (3–4 weeks old) were sprayed with spore suspension

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Jeffrey G. Williamson and Jonathan H. Crane

for leaching of nutrients into the groundwater. Improvements in pest management continue to reduce potential negative environmental impacts. Research should be focused on developing and/or refining leaf nutrient standards (especially for N–P–K) for

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Le Luo, Yichi Zhang, Yingnan Wang, Tangren Cheng, Huitang Pan, Jia Wang and Qixiang Zhang

leaves, single leaf area, and fresh weight of gesnariad; and 2) to develop irrigation and fertilization recommendations to achieve optimal growth. Materials and methods Experimental site and plant material. The experiment was carried out in a natural

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Thomas A. Obreza, Robert E. Rouse and Kelly T. Morgan

evaluated using linear regression ( Systat Software, Inc., 2006 ). Phosphorus soil test calibration was attempted by relating tree size, fruit yield, leaf tissue P concentration, and fruit quality variables measured from each plot in a given year to soil

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Jonas Christensen, Uffe Bjerre Lauridsen, Christian Andreasen and Henrik Lütken

high salt tolerance and the leaf thickness has been shown to increase when exposed to salt spray (400 m m ) imitating exposure to sea gust ( de Vos et al., 2010 ). This edible plant has been grown in home gardens or collected along beaches around the

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Robert C. Ebel, Said Hamido and Kelly T. Morgan

threshold of 32. The trees exhibited mild HLB symptoms, including earlier shoot growth and bloom, veinal chlorosis, interveinal chlorosis, whole-leaf chlorosis, retarded leaf and shoot growth, dull cuticle, and slightly reduced growth. Trees were segregated

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Qiang Liu and Yiwei Jiang

submerged conditions ( Alpuerto et al., 2016 ; Luo et al., 2011 ; Yu et al., 2012 ). In alligator weed ( Alternanthera philoxeroides ), resumed leaf growth was concomitant with restoration of maximal photosynthetic capacity, whereas rapid leaf regrowth in

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Diane M. Camberato, James J. Camberato and Roberto G. Lopez

incorporated to provide the full array of elements necessary for production in soilless substrates. The objective of this study was to compare two formulations of polymer-coated CRFs containing micronutrients (differing slightly in N–P–K ratio and in longevity