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Israel S. Joukhadar, Stephanie J. Walker and Paul A. Funk

, 1984 ), and larger basal stem diameter at the soil level to lessen plant lodging ( Kahn, 1985 ). Pendulous fruit that is evenly spread throughout the plant canopy with a low detachment force of the calyx from the fruit is also ideal for mechanical

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Luiz C. Argenta, Xuetong Fan and James P. Mattheis

aqueous 1-MCP solution applied to citrus reduces ethephon-induced leaf abscission with little effect on fruit detachment force ( Pozo et al., 2004 ). The efficacy of a postharvest application of 1-MCP in water to delay ripening of a climacteric fruit has

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Changying Li, Pengcheng Yu, Fumiomi Takeda and Gerard Krewer

time when the sensor was agitated by the mechanical force of the blueberry detachment mechanism to the time when it dropped into a lug box. During this period, 14 impacts were recorded by the sensor. The largest impact occurred at 0.31 s with a

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Tong Geon Lee, Reza Shekasteband, Naama Menda, Lukas A. Mueller and Samuel F. Hutton

. Tomato inflorescences typically have an abscission zone (joint) in the pedicel of each flower. Detachment of the fruit at this joint at harvest results in the calyx and stem remaining attached to the fruit, which can in turn puncture or otherwise damage

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Xiuxiu Sun, Elizabeth Baldwin, Mark Ritenour, Robert Hagenmaier and Jinhe Bai

Carnauba wax and modified atmosphere in refrigerated preservation of ‘Tahiti’ acid limes Packag. Technol. Sci. 28 647 656 Chen, H. McCollum, G. Baldwin, E. Bai, J. 2016 Impacts of huanglongbing symptom severity on fruit detachment force and mechanical

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Juan Carlos Melgar, Jill M. Dunlop and James P. Syvertsen

et al., 1981 ; Wang et al., 2002 ). Wounding flavedo of 2-week-old fruitlets can cause 33% of fruitlet drop, but reductions in fruit detachment force or increases in fruit drop were not observed when 8- to 12-week-old fruitlet were wounded

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Fumiomi Takeda, Gerard Krewer, Changying Li, Daniel MacLean and James W. Olmstead

). The machine harvesting cost for fruit destined for the processing industry is estimated to be about $0.12/lb. Availability of a work force for harvesting is expected to be a major challenge to the U.S. highbush blueberry industry. A key step to

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Godfrey P. Miles, Ed Stover, Chandrika Ramadugu, Manjunath L. Keremane and Richard F. Lee

on fruit detachment force and mechanical properties of sweet oranges ( Citrus sinensis) HortScience 51 356 361 Curk, F. Ollitrault, F. Gacia-Lor, A. Luro, F. Navarro, L. Ollitrault, P. 2016 Phylogenetic origin of limes and lemons revealed by

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Sarah M. Bharath, Christian Cilas and Pathmanathan Umaharan

. 2012 Genetic structure and phylogenetic relationships of Capsicum chinense J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 137 250 262 Motsenbocker, C.E. 1996 Detachment force and fruit characteristics of Tabasco pepper at several stages of development HortScience 31 1231

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Mason T. MacDonald, Rajasekaran R. Lada, Alex I. Martynenko, Martine Dorais, Steeve Pepin and Yves Desjardins

infection were correlated with chlorophyll degradation followed promptly by accelerated abscission of needles ( Fuhrer, 1985 ). Previous work with balsam fir has implicated continuous ethylene exposure as a signal to induce abscission after root detachment