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Celina Gómez and Cary A. Mitchell

energy than conventional HPS lighting fixtures. Several studies have evaluated LEDs for sole-source lighting of vegetable transplants including tomato ( Fan et al., 2013 ; Liu et al., 2011 ; Nanya et al., 2012 ), pepper ( Capsicum annuum ) ( Brown et al

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Lesley A. Judd, Brian E. Jackson, Ted C. Yap and William C. Fonteno

during production (vegetable transplants, plugs for floricultural crops, and nursery liners) will be beneficial in future research of root development. The premise of this work was to develop a new apparatus to measure root growth in a greenhouse

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Carlo Mininni, Pietro Santamaria, Hamada M. Abdelrahman, Claudio Cocozza, Teodoro Miano, Francesco Montesano and Angelo Parente

, the use of good growing media appears crucial for achieving positive results ( Sterrett, 2001 ). The vegetable transplant industry relies entirely on soilless media for seedling production and peat represents the most widely used growing media. The

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Julia C. Brotton and Janet C. Cole

of growth and quality of vegetable transplants HortScience 26 1456 1461 Latimer, J.G. 1998 Mechanical conditioning to control height HortTechnology 8 529 534 Latimer, J.G. Thomas, P.A. 1991 Application of brushing for growth control of tomato

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Bridget K. Behe, Kristin L. Getter and Chengyan Yue

who provided daily scan-based sales data from 42 Midwestern stores in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. The producer was the only supplier of flowering annual, herb, and vegetable transplants to the stores. The 42 stores also sold food and household items

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Matthew D. Taylor, Rachel Kreis and Lidia Rejtö

Murray, R. Anderson, R. G. 2004 Organic fertilizers and composts for vegetable transplant production. Floriculture Res. Rpt. 17–04. Univ. of Kentucky, Ag. Exp. Sta Nelson, P.V. 2012 Greenhouse operation and management. 7th ed. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle

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Theodore P. McAvoy and Joshua H. Freeman

of 2010 for VIF film. The level of fumigant vapor in the soil that can be tolerated by vegetable transplants is unclear, but these data indicate that extensions in the planting interval may need to be implemented when applying DMDS under TIF mulch

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Lesley A. Judd, Brian E. Jackson, William C. Fonteno and Jean-Christophe Domec

Suitability of wood fiber substrate for production of vegetable transplants I. Physical properties of wood fiber substrates Sci. Hort. 100 309 322 Gruda, N. Schnitzler, W.H. 2004b Suitability of wood fiber substrates for production of vegetable transplants II

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Ricardo Hernández and Chieri Kubota

production of vegetable transplants because cucumber growth rate decreased with the increased of blue PF under low solar DLI (5.2 ± 1.2 mol·m −2 ·d −1 ) ( Hernández and Kubota, 2014a ). To advance the use of LEDs as a supplemental lighting technology in

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Bridget K. Behe, Melinda Knuth, Charles R. Hall, Patricia T. Huddleston and R. Thomas Fernandez

of annuals, vegetable transplants, herb transplants, flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, fruiting trees, evergreen trees, and shade trees. The test statistic abbreviations are χ 2 for the chi-square test, “F” for the F-statistic, and “ P ” for P