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Letizia Tozzini, Paolo Sabbatini and G. Stanley Howell

between the mean shoot LA and the N content of the berries (indexed as yeast available amino-N) was found. A similar positive correlation was observed also between %SS and LA, and this was consistent with the reduced sugar accumulation observed in the

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Bhaskar Bondada and Markus Keller

equimolar amounts as glucose and fructose, particularly in wine grape cultivars ( Coombe, 1992 ; Kliewer, 1967 ; Matthews and Shackel, 2005 ). Concomitant with sugar accumulation, berry volume and softness increase, whereas malic acid declines, and in red

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Iban Eduardo, Pere Arús, Antonio José Monforte, Javier Obando, Juan Pablo Fernández-Trujillo, Juan Antonio Martínez, Antonio Luís Alarcón, Jose María Álvarez and Esther van der Knaap

, probably reducing leaf carbon assimilation, limiting the source for fruit sugar accumulation ( Long et al., 2004 ; Pardossi et al., 2004 ). Table 1. Means and standard deviations for Cucumis melo cultivar Piel de Sapo (PS) in different locations

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Engin Ertan, Esra Erdal, Gülsüm Alkan and Burak E. Algül

TSC measured after 30 d of storage was generally higher under TS compared with CS conditions. However, the TSC tended to increase over time from 45 to 60 d of storage under CS compared with TS conditions. Sugar accumulation has been detected in

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Xiyan Yu, Xiufeng Wang, Jide Fan, Hongmei Tian and Chengchao Zheng

Physiol. 135 1753 1764 Dali, N. Michaud, D. Yelle, S. 1992 Evidence for the involvement of sucrose phosphate synthase in the pathway of sugar accumulation in sucrose-accumulating tomato fruits Plant Physiol

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Yang Yang, Runfang Zhang, Pingsheng Leng, Zenghui Hu and Man Shen

application of 250 and 350 mg·L −1 was connected with soluble sugar accumulation ( Fig. 3D ). We were interested in the role of growth regulators on the accumulation of a variety of carbohydrates during cold acclimation in woody plants. However, the reports

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T. Casey Barickman, Dean A. Kopsell and Carl E. Sams

stressful conditions ABA increases, which in turn increases sugar accumulation by activating signals associated with stress responses ( Saito et al., 2008 ). Therefore, not only will ABA increase soluble sugar accumulation under normal ripening conditions

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Paul J.R. Cronje, Graham H. Barry and Marius Huysamer

carbohydrate metabolism until fruit maturity ( Holland et al., 1999 ; Komatsu et al., 1999 , 2002 ). The color change of the flavedo from green to orange is an important quality trait of the citrus fruit rind, and adequate sugar accumulation in the flavedo is

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Yang Yang, Zhongkui Jia, Faju Chen, Ziyang Sang and Luyi Ma

). Exogenous ABA application can induce sugar accumulation in grape ( Koussa et al., 1998 ), wheat ( Kerepesi et al., 2004 ), and gentian ( Suzuki et al., 2006 ). A significant correlation between freezing tolerance and total soluble sugar content was observed

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Craig E. Kallsen, Blake Sanden and Mary Lu Arpaia

, F.S. 2004 Rootstocks and plant water relations affect sugar accumulation of ‘Valencia’ sweet orange via osmotic adjustment J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 129 881 889 California Dept. of Water Resources 1993 Crop water use—A guide to scheduling irrigations