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Daniela Borgognone, Mariateresa Cardarelli, Luigi Lucini and Giuseppe Colla

.S. Waldren, R.P. Teare, I.N. 1973 Rapid determination of free proline for water stress studies Plant Soil 39 205 208 Borgognone, D. Cardarelli, M. Rea, E. Lucini, L. Colla, G. 2013 Salinity source-induced changes in yield, mineral composition, phenolic acids

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D. Michael Glenn

affect on sunburn, yield, mineral composition and fruit maturity of ‘Anna’ apple ( Malus domestica ) trees Res. J. Agr. Biol. Sci. 6 84 92 D’Aquino, S.D. Cocco, A. Ortu, S. Schirra, M. 2011 Effects of kaolin-based particle film to control Ceratitis

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Loretta Bacchetta, Maria Aramini, Claudia Bernardini and Eddo Rugini

( Rugini and Verma, 1983 ) and the ratio of the mineral nut material between the two species was used as the Murashige and Skoog medium (MS) mineral composition correction factor ( Murashige and Skoog, 1962 ). This approach took account of the importance of

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Francesco Di Gioia, Angelo Signore, Francesco Serio and Pietro Santamaria

Colla, G. Rouphael, Y. Cardarelli, M. Rea, E. 2006 Effect of salinity on yield, fruit quality, leaf gas exchange, and mineral composition of grafted watermelon plants HortScience 41 622 627 Colla, G. Rouphael, Y. Leonardi, C. Bie, Z. 2010 Role of

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Giuseppe Colla, Carolina María Cardona Suárez, Mariateresa Cardarelli and Youssef Rouphael

Colla, G. Rouphael, Y. Cardarelli, M. Rea, E. 2006a Effect of salinity on yield, fruit quality, leaf gas exchange, and mineral composition of grafted watermelon plants HortScience 41 622 627 Colla

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Charis-Konstantina Kontopoulou, Sofia Giagkou, Efthalia Stathi, Dimitrios Savvas and Pietro P.M. Iannetta

NS was adjusted daily to 5.6 to 5.7 by adding appropriate amounts of phosphoric acid. Yield, growth measurements, and mineral composition. Fresh and dry aboveground biomass was recorded 45, 65, and 90 d after transplanting (DAT) by sampling two

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Corina Serban and Lee Kalcsits

regulators in the field, but did not have a significant effect on fruit mineral composition. Manipulating vegetative vigor did not change the number of internodes substantially, which is one of the critical factors affecting overall leaf area and the balance

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Giuseppe Colla, Mariateresa Cardarelli, Paolo Bonini and Youssef Rouphael

results, several studies carried out on barley, maize, soybean, and wheat ( Liu and Lee, 2012 ) demonstrated that exogenous amino acids and amides could downregulate nitrate uptake. Mineral composition. For a balanced and good nutrition in human diet

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Cindy B.S. Tong, Hsueh-Yuan Chang, Jennifer K. Boldt, Yizhou B. Ma, Jennifer R. DeEll, Renae E. Moran, Gaétan Bourgeois and Dominique Plouffe

growth are thought to influence storage disorders when they alter cell size, tissue density, and gas diffusivity of the skin and cuticle ( Elgar et al., 1999 ; James et al., 2010 ; Lachapelle et al., 2013 ). The mineral composition of fruit is also

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Ana Pina, Pilar Errea, Ana Wünsch and Rafael Gella

Acta Hort. 795 171 178 Jiménez, S. Pinochet, J. Gogorcena, Y. Betran, J.A. Moreno, M.A. 2007 Influence of different vigour cherry rootstocks on leaves and shoots mineral composition Sci. Hort. 112 73 79 Moreno, M.A. Tabuenca, M.C. Cambra, R. 1995 Adara