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Yan Cheng, Qian Wang, Qingyu Ban, Jianfeng Geng, Xiao Wei Zhang, Ying Yi and Xilin Hou

Wu, W. Zhou, Y. Li, W. Mao, D. Chen, Q. 2002 Mapping of quantitative trait loci based on growth models Theor. Appl. Genet. 105 1043 1049 Xu, Y.B. 1997 Quantitative trait loci: Separating, pyramiding, and cloning Plant Breed. Rev. 15 85 139 Xu, Y

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Daniela Farinelli, Pierluigi Pierantozzi and Assunta Maria Palese

. Also, competition among fruit is thought to be proportional to sink size, which in turn is related to fruit and seed mass, but not to fruit number ( Farinelli et al., 2002b ; Rosati et al., 2010 ). In many fruit growth models such as the “Peach” model

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Rahmatallah Gheshm and Rebecca Nelson Brown

. Whipkey (eds.). Trends in new crops and new uses. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA Salomez, J. Hofman, G. 2007 A soil temperature/short-wave radiation growth model for butter head lettuce under protected cultivation in Flanders J. Plant Nutr. 30 397 410 Sánchez

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Hsing-Ying Chung, Ming-Yih Chang, Chia-Chyi Wu and Wei Fang

) compared with white LEDs for the cultivation of lettuce found that red-blue LEDs can significantly increase the shoot dry weight, chlorophyll a and b content, and net photosynthetic rate ( Amoozga et al., 2017 ). An analysis of a lettuce growth model found

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Arthur T. DeGaetano

) used a more sophisticated growth model ( Rea and Eccel, 2006 ) to assess spring freeze risk to apple production. The model, a refinement of the Utah model ( Ashcroft et al., 1977 ), accounts for winter chilling, developmental growth unit accumulation

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Martin P.N. Gent

fluorescence, and leaf Mg, Fe, Mn, and Zn concentrations in lettuce J. Plant Nutr. 34 717 731 Salomez, J. Hofman, G. 2007 A soil temperature short wave radiation growth model for Butterhead lettuce under protected cultivation in Flanders J. Plant Nutr. 30 397

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Michael D. Dukes, Lincoln Zotarelli and Kelly T. Morgan

.A. 2007 Development and evaluation of soil moisture-based seepage irrigation management for water use and quality J. Irrig. Drain. Eng. 133 435 443 Scholberg, J.M.S. 1996 Adaptive use of crop growth models to simulate the growth of field-grown tomato PhD

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Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, Alicia Riveira and Lamont D. Saunders

. Literature Cited De Visser, C.L.M. van den Berg, W. 1998 A method to calculate the size distribution of onions and its use in an onion growth model Sci. Hort. 77 129 143 Frappell, B.D. 1973 Plant spacing of onions J. Hort. Sci. 48 19 28 Hatridge-Esh, K

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Natalie R. Bumgarner, Mark A. Bennett, Peter P. Ling, Robert W. Mullen and Matthew D. Kleinhenz

, cumulative-temperature-based plant growth models incorporate temperature variation using daily maximum and minimum values to calculate GDDs ( Diaz-Perez, 2009 ; Wolfe et al., 1989 ). In the current work, the aerial temperature range was usually wider in

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Lucas O’Meara, Marc W. van Iersel and Matthew R. Chappell

agriculture research enterprise. Executive office of the President. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Reynolds, J.F. Acock, B. 1985 Predicting the response of plants to increasing carbon dioxide: A critique of plant growth models Ecol