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Keng Heng Chang, Rung Yi Wu, Geng Peng Chang, Ting Fang Hsieh and Ren Shih Chung

(W-shaped gutters). Table 2. Some selected nutrient composition of irrigation water and four treatments of various levels of nitrogen concentration before application. Measurement of growth and cut flower quality. Blade length, blade width, and

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William J. Lamont Jr

. 12 ). The high tunnel production system allows cut flowers to be harvested earlier in the spring and later in the fall in more temperate regions of the world compared with cut flowers grown in the field. They also provide excellent flower quality (W

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Cecil T. Pounders

maternal parent. Flower quality and numbers as well as growth habit are much improved over the species. Description Plants of ‘Lufkin Red’ are semicompact, upright-spreading with abundant production of red (red–purple 58A) ( Royal Horticultural Society

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Neil S. Mattson and W. Roland Leatherwood

of potassium silicate on the growth of miniature rose ‘Pinocchio’ grown on rockwool and its cut flower quality J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 74 242 247 Kamenidou, S. Cavins, T.J. Marek, S. 2002 Silicon

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Maren E. Veatch-Blohm, Douglas Sawch, Nicole Elia and Dominic Pinciotti

greatest bulb size (41.94 ± 1.01 g), and lowest in ‘Tete-a-Tete, which had the smallest average bulb size (29.91 ± 1.65 g). Also key to ornamental suitability in landscapes is flower quality, timely initiation of flowering, flower number, and flower

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Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Catherine M. Grieve, James Poss and Michael A. Mellano

to salinity; however, despite the decreased production of flowering shoots under saline irrigation, flower quality was acceptable. This was because ‘Yellow ASD’ plants irrigated with EC 4 dS·m −1 water showed no effect on flower diameter, whereas the

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Nichole F. Edelman, Bethany A. Kaufman and Michelle L. Jones

( Supplemental Figs. 2A and 4A ), 5, or 7 d (data not shown) Fig. 3. Flower quality of mature plants immediately after treatment (0 d) with ethylene. Species exhibiting flower abscission ( A ) and flower senescence ( B ) after treatment with 0, 0.01, 0.1, 1, or

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H. Chris Wien

exposed to rain, and thus flower quality is maintained and disfiguring diseases are minimized. In the southern states, the milder winters and higher light levels allow cut flower production over the winter, and species can be grown that would be killed by

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Zhuogong Shi and Li Xia

clearly shown that empty cupules and hollow nuts can still be produced, although the female flowers are sufficiently pollinated. Flower quality, the ability of a flower to develop into a fruitlet after pollination with compatible pollen during the flower

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Christine Yung-Ting Yen, Terri W. Starman, Yin-Tung Wang and Genhua Niu

remained vegetative even when night temperature dropped to 19 and 14 °C, respectively. Therefore, if the threshold temperature for initiating flowers, promoting the best flower quality, or that adversely affects plant growth or inhibits flowering is known