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Jialin Yu, Nathan S. Boyd and Zhengfei Guan

plasticulture system has numerous benefits, including increased soil temperature, reduced soil evaporation, improved fertilizer-use efficiency, soil conservation, and weed suppression. All these factors combined promote crop growth and increase yield ( Anikwe et

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Ricardo González-Ponce, Esther G. López-de-Sá and César Plaza

. Porter, P.S. 1990 Banding P to improve fertilizer use efficiency of lettuce J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 115 581 584 Shu, L. Schneider, P. Jegatheesan, V. Johnson, J. 2006 An economic evaluation of phosphorus recovery as struvite from digester supernatant

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Kyle E. Bair, Joan R. Davenport and Robert G. Stevens

151 Hanson, E.J. Howell, G.S. 1995 Nitrogen accumulation and fertilizer use efficiency by grapevines in short-season growing areas HortScience 30 504 507 Havlin, J.L. Beaton, J

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Kayla R. Sanders and Jeffrey S. Beasley

834 Morris, K. Shearman, R. (n.d.) NTEP turfgrass evaluation guidelines. 15 June 2019. < > Obreza, T. Sartain, J. 2010 Improving nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use efficiency for Florida’s horticultural crops

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Luke Miller, George Vellidis, Osama Mohawesh and Timothy Coolong

moisture sensors J. Irr. Drain. Eng. 137 73 81 Zotarelli, L. Dukes, M.D. Scholberg, J.M.S. Munoz-Carpena, R. Icerman, J. 2009a Tomato nitrogen accumulation and fertilizer use efficiency on a sandy soil, as affected by nitrogen rate and irrigation scheduling

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Luke Miller, George Vellidis and Timothy Coolong

fertilizer use efficiency on a sandy soil, as affected by nitrogen rate and irrigation scheduling Agr. Water Mgt. 96 1247 1258

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Desire Djidonou, Zhifeng Gao and Xin Zhao

irrigation water and fertilizer use efficiency, and yield improvement. Furthermore, the cost effectiveness of grafted tomato production is expected to increase with the higher tomato selling prices and, perhaps more importantly, the reduced costs of rootstock

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Xinhua Yin, Lynn E. Long, Xiao-Lan Huang, Ngowari Jaja, Jinhe Bai, Clark F. Seavert and Jac le Roux

during the transitional period. However, fertilizers for DD can be applied via fertigation into the root zone that may increase fertilizer use efficiency. Table 4. Effects of double-lateral drip irrigation and straw mulch on leaf nutrient concentrations

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Lucas G. Paranhos, Charles E. Barrett, Lincoln Zotarelli, Tatiana Borisova, Rebecca Darnell and Kati Migliaccio

( Munoz-Arboleda et al., 2008 ), which increases the risk of nutrient losses. A benefit of plastic mulch with irrigation and fertigation made via drip tape is the increased fertilizer use efficiency and reduction in losses from leaching ( Romic et al

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David Sotomayor-Ramírez, Miguel Oliveras-Berrocales and Linda Wessel-Beaver

in the Arkansas Valley of Colorado 1990-1991 HortTechnology 3 184 187 Halvorson, A.D. Follet, R.F. Bartolo, M.E. Schweissing, F.C. 2002 Nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency of furrow-irrigated onion and corn Agron. J. 94 442 449 Halvorson, A.D. Bartolo