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Francesco Montemurro, Angelo Fiore, Gabriele Campanelli, Fabio Tittarelli, Luigi Ledda and Stefano Canali

; Eyre et al., 2011 ; Uchino et al., 2011 ). Indeed, soil covered with plants is an effective way to suppress weed growth and reduce soil erosion and nutrient leaching while increasing soil organic matter and sustaining long-term soil fertility and crop

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Javier Fernandez-Salvador, Bernadine C. Strik and David R. Bryla

, 2012 )]. The yield response of blackberry to increased rates of N fertilizer has been variable, depending on soil fertility, rates of N fertilizer used, and plant cultivar or age ( Archbold et al., 1989 ; Naraguma and Clark, 1998 ; Nelson and Martin

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Aaron Heinrich, Richard Smith and Michael Cahn

fertilizer was not considered a confounding factor because soil and irrigation water sulfate content are sufficient for optimal crop growth in the intensive vegetable production fields of central California. Details for each replicated fertility trial site

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Daniel R. Miller, Robert J. Mugaas, Mary H. Meyer and Eric Watkins

blends ( Table 1 ) planted in 10-ft 2 plots in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Soil at this site was composed of a low-fertility, construction fill gravelly clay subsoil with 1.7% organic matter; therefore, a 2-inch layer of

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Guangyao Wang, Mathieu Ngouajio and Darryl D. Warncke

crop biomass, soil nutrient levels were generally similar in all treatments, regardless of whether cover crops were used. The lack of difference in soil fertility between the cover crops and the control was likely because weeds were allowed to grow in

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Thomas Björkman and Joseph W. Shail Jr.

positively correlated to soil fertility, whereas drought or flood produced less biomass. Buckwheat requires at least 700 GDD 50 in 6 weeks after planting to produce sufficient biomass of 1.5 tons/acre ( Fig. 7 ) and justify its use as a cover crop. In New

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Danielle D. Treadwell, Nancy G. Creamer, Greg D. Hoyt and Jonathan R. Schultheis

protected LSDs of sweetpotato yield by market grade in management systems in 2001, 2002, and 2004. In 2001, soil Ca and Mg means in all systems were higher than other years and may reflect inherent soil fertility associated with the site resulting

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Joseph G. Masabni and S. Alan Walters

). Therefore, 81 lb/acre N from ammonium nitrate was broadcast and incorporated in the CC main plots, before planting, to equalize initial N fertility between the two compost treatments. Table 2. Nitrogen (N) amounts required to equalize soil nitrogen content

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Roland Ebel

agricultural intensification. The RF agriculture provided pre-Columbian farmers with better drainage, soil aeration, moisture retention during the dry season, high and long-term fertility, and high productivity per area and input ( Renard et al., 2012 ; Torres

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Luther C. Carson, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Kelly T. Morgan and Jerry B. Sartain

Ozores-Hampton, 2012 ). After collection, the N content remaining in the CRF prills is measured to determine the amount of N remaining and the N release rate. The mesh pouch allows for soil to CRF prill contact, which may affect CRF N release rate. For