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David J. Norman and Jianjun Chen

. Samuel, L. Glass, A.D.M. 1992 Soluble silicon sprays inhibit powdery mildew development in grape leaves J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 117 906 912 Chao, S.-H.L. Choi, H.-S. 2005 Method for providing enhanced photosynthesis Korea Research Institute of Chemical

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Yoshio Makino, Masayuki Ichimura, Yoshinori Kawagoe and Seiichi Oshita

the jar was sampled with a gas-tight syringe through a silicon rubber septum 1 h after enclosure. Oxygen concentration in the sampled gas was measured using a GC-14A gas chromatograph (Shimadzu Co., Kyoto, Japan) equipped with a thermal conductivity

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Filippo Lulli, Claudia de Bertoldi, Roberto Armeni, Lorenzo Guglielminetti and Marco Volterrani

cultivars in a mediterranean climate Acta Hort. 661 365 368 Dakora, F.D. Nelwamondo, A. 2003 Silicon nutrition promotes root growth and tissue mechanical strength in symbiotic cowpea Funct. Plant Biol. 30 947 953 Dunn, J.H. Minner, D.D. Fresenburg, B

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How-Chiun Wu, Mei-Ling Kuo and Chia-Min Chen

-flow controller, whereby CO 2 -enriched air was pumped at set intervals via silicon tubes first through a sterilant solution (Cu ++ ) and then through a 0.22 μm microfilter attached to the inlet valve and into the Plantima ® container ( Fig. 1 ). This process

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Stephen R. Delwiche, Weena Mekwatanakarn and Chien Y. Wang

core (7.6 mm) that conveys the reflected light to the spectrometer's silicon detector (amplifier gain = 10×). Each mango, with its stem-calyx axis oriented horizontally, was positioned atop the upwardly pointing probe, with the flattest region of the

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Sarah A. Masterson, Megan M. Kennelly, Rhonda R. Janke and Cary L. Rivard

( Oda, 1995 ). This process ( Bumgarner and Kleinhenz, 2014 ; Rivard and Louws, 2011 ) requires that the rootstock and scion (with 1.5- to 2-mm stem diameters) are cut at ≈60° to 75° angles ( Bausher, 2013 ), held together with a silicon grafting clip

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Brian E. Jackson, Robert D. Wright and Michael C. Barnes

composed primarily of bark. A third possibility may be that the sand incorporated in these treatments (PTS-S and PTS-HPBS) is providing additional silicon (Si) to the substrate solution, which can improve plant growth. Research on the role of Si in

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Uttara C. Samarakoon, James E. Faust and John M. Dole

disease incidence to Botrytis occurred in poinsettia in response to the application of surfactant and CaCl 2 , and there was a complementary effect when applied together. The presence of silicon in the surfactant may have caused an increased resistance

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Tao Yuan, Qiuying Wei and Gary Bauchan

of seeds on a large scale, to assess seed development, and to improve seed lot quality and germination ( Carvalho et al., 2010 ). X-ray diffraction techniques could be used to detect various elements in vivo, such as magnesium, silicon, and nickel

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D. Michael Glenn and G.J. Puterka

. In 2003, PAR sensor clusters were installed in the interior of each tree to measure diurnal PAR levels within the canopy. The PAR sensors were constructed of visible light sensitive silicon chips (Gasp G2711–01; Hammamatsu Inc., Bridgewater, N