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solution reduced Pythium mycelial growth, sporangial formation, and zoospore cyst germination, greater than amended medium or solution near neutral pH. Adjusting the acidity of irrigation water in greenhouses that use ebb and flow and flood floor

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(yeast extract, V-8 vegetable juice, multigrain oatmeal, brown sugar, agar), and YVMSA (yeast extract, V-8 vegetable juice, multigrain oatmeal, sucrose, agar) were used to produce flocculent mycelial growth in 20 days and induced basidiocarps 35 days

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Enrique I. Sánchez-González, J. Guadalupe Gutiérrez-Soto, Emilio Olivares-Sáenz, Adriana Gutiérrez-Díez, Alejandro F. Barrientos-Priego and Salvador Ochoa-Ascencio

specific region of the tissue, polyphenolic compounds that accumulate around the cells to provide strength to the cell wall and inhibit mycelial growth ( Andrade, 2012 ), necrophiliac periderm formation in the cortical tissue, infected phloem isolation by

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Les D. Padley Jr, Eileen A. Kabelka and Pamela D. Roberts

Kannwischer-Mitchell (1992) . For each P. capsici isolate, one 5-mm mycelial plug from cornmeal agar was transferred to a 20% clarified V8 agar plate. After 7 d of growth at room temperature, 10 5-mmV8 agar mycelial plugs from each plate were placed into a

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Cinta Calvet, Amelia Camprubi, Ana Pérez-Hernández and Paulo Emilio Lovato

irregularis simultaneously produced, for equal time, in vivo and in vitro, were evaluated in terms of host root colonization potential and plant growth stimulation. Materials and Methods The fungus used, obtained from Citrus aurantium L. ( Camprubi and

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Wendy K. Hoashi-Erhardt, Patrick P. Moore, Gwenyth E. Windom and Peter R. Bristow

al., 1999b ). Of these, resistant cultivars are critical for long-term control. In a study examining the effect of cultivar, bed height, biological control treatment, fungicide (metalaxyl), and straw mulch on raspberry growth and disease symptoms

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Kendra Baumgartner, Phillip Fujiyoshi, Craig Ledbetter, Roger Duncan and Daniel A. Kluepfel

, 100 rpm) and then transferring with a sterile 1-mL glass pipette 200 μL of the resulting homogenate (i.e., mycelial fragments) per plant onto the surface of the plant growth medium ( Baumgartner et al., 2013 ). Noninoculated controls were inoculated

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Maria L. Burgos-Garay, Chuanxue Hong and Gary W. Moorman

observed daily. A clear zone of growth inhibition was used as an indication of a deleterious effect on the development of Pythium . After 72 h, radii of the mycelial growth in the direction of the bacterium was measured and percentage of inhibition was

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Ryan J. Hayes, Bo Ming Wu, Barry M. Pryor, Periasamy Chitrampalam and Krishna V. Subbarao

effects of plant shading on soil moisture and temperature that can influence mycelial infections. Additionally, growth chamber production resulted in plants with equivalent growth habits but with genetic variation for resistance ( Fig. 3A–B ). The rapid

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Manuela Baietto and A. Dan Wilson

, cultures were transferred to the same growth medium within the decay culture tubes. Mycelia used for inoculation of wood blocks were prepared in liquid broth cultures. Approximately eight mycelial plugs from each petri dish culture were transferred into