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Geoffrey Meru and Cecilia McGregor

[7.04% (sunflower = 4.7%; soybean = 4%)]. Although the fatty acid composition of watermelon seed oil is well documented, knowledge about the underlying genetic factors is lacking. The recent sequencing and functional annotation of the watermelon

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Susan C. Miyasaka and Randall T. Hamasaki

to too many hours of high temperature ( Malik and Bradford, 2006 ). Cultivar selection is critical for successful fruit and oil production, because cultivars differ in the chilling requirement to break floral bud dormancy ( De Melo-Abreu et al., 2004

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Ossama Kodad and Rafel Socias i Company

and fatty acid composition varied significantly among genotypes, agreeing with the results of Abdallah et al. (1998) in California almond cultivars. Oil content from 2005 harvest was slightly higher than that from 2004 ( Table 2 ), with significant

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Deron Caplan, Mike Dixon and Youbin Zheng

.B. 2002 The influence of water stress on plant height, herbal and essential oil yield and composition in Satureja hortensis L Flavour Fragrance J. 17 275 277 Banik, P. Zeng, W. Tai, H. Bizimungu, B. Tanino, K. 2016 Effects of drought acclimation on

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Sara Atrash, Asghar Ramezanian, Majid Rahemi, Reza Mostofizadeh Ghalamfarsa and Elhadi Yahia

constituents were carvacrol (55.67%), terpinene (31.98%), α-terpinene (3.75%), ρ-cymene (2.20%), α-thujene (1.16%), and myrcene (1.15%). Table 1. The composition of savory essential oil. In vitro growth inhibition of P. digitatum . Savory essential oil at

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Quan Liu, Yan Lan, Feng Tan, Yunbiao Tu, Yingying Sun, Gajue Yougu, Zeshen Yang, Chunbang Ding and Tian Li

, tree growth, yield and oil content Agr. Water Mgt. 176 163 169 Bengana, M. Bakhouche, A. Lozano-Sánchez, J. Amir, Y. Youyou, A. Segura-Carretero, A. Fernández-Gutiérrez, A. 2013 Influence of olive ripeness on chemical properties and phenolic composition

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Neo Edwin Nyakane, Moosa Mahmood Sedibe and Elisha Markus

physiology, as well as oil quantity and oil composition to meet geranium bourbon essential oil standards, has caught the interest of many scientists around the world. External MF application for the purpose of nutrient modification in microorganisms and

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Luis Rallo

crosses among ‘Arbequina’, ‘Frantoio’, and ‘Picual’. The composition of both fatty acid and phenolic compounds differs among these progenies and selections. The following common conclusions have been obtained for both oil components: 1) any cross yields a

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Sebastian Weissbein, Zeev Wiesman, Yhonathan Ephrath and Moshe Silberbush

terms of effect on oleic acid level ( Table 7B ; further detailed description of the effect of saline irrigation water on olive oil quality is summarized in a separate manuscript, in preparation). Table 7A. Comparison of fatty acid composition of

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Grace Q. Chen, Louisa Vang and Jiann-Tsyh Lin

.A. 2006 Variation of seed oil composition in parent and S1 generations of Lesquerella fendleri ( Brassicaceae ) Ind. Crops Prod. 24 274 279 Dierig, D.A. Tomasi, P.M. Dahlquist, G.H. 2001 Registration of