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Nathan C. Phillips, Steven R. Larson and Daniel T. Drost

information useful in strategies for identifying sources of intermountain Allium germplasm rich in genetic diversity. The genus Allium has a worldwide distribution consisting of ≈700 species, including ≈80 species in North America ( Brewster and

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Tiantian Zhao, Wenxu Ma, Qinghua Ma, Zhen Yang, Lisong Liang, Guixi Wang and Lujun Wang

and nut characteristics with those of related species, whereas Ma et al. (2014) also concluded that C. heterophylla and C. kweichowensis are distinct species based on geographic distribution and growth in different ecological conditions. Both are

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Malik G. Al-Ajlouni, Dawn M. VanLeeuwen, Michael N. DeMers and Rolston St. Hilaire

landscapes ( Sun and Yang, 2008 ). In addition, the McNemar’s test was used to examine the differences in distribution of common landscape types within front- and backyards. Results We defined a common landscape type as a group of three or more landscapes

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Ling Ma, Xingquan Rao and Xiaoyang Chen

potential risk of flooding during the rainy season. In forest management, information regarding WT of plant species is necessary to cope with flooding. In addition, ecological restoration in depression areas or flooded watersheds must involve waterlogging

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Zoltán Pék, Péter Szuvandzsiev, András Nemenyi, Lajos Helyes and Andrea Lugasi

-carotene, lutein, lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, phenolic compounds, and vitamin E increase its health benefits ( Abushita et al., 2000 ; Dumas et al., 2003 ). Ecological conditions have a substantial effect on fruit components and yield of tomato ( Helyes et al

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Liu XiaoYing, Guo ShiRong, Xu ZhiGang, Jiao XueLei and Takafumi Tezuka

distribution was shown to be R:B = 1:1. The RBG combination of spectral energy distribution was shown to be R:B:G = 3:3:1. Except for the power of green lamp in the RBG treatment, which was 3 W, the power of every LED lamp treatment was 9 W. The number of LED

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Michael J. Costello

such as seed, leaf, and inflorescence morphology, and ecological adaptations such as drought tolerance or geographical distribution ( Amme, 2003 ; Barkworth and Torres, 2001 ). Observations suggest that it has a high degree of summer dormancy

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Shengrui Yao, Ian A. Merwin and Michael G. Brown

most apple root growth occurred in the herbicide strip under trees. Parker et al. (1993) and Parker and Meyer (1996) reported that peach ( Prunus persica L.) root density and root distribution were affected by orchard floor management. Stefanelli

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Li-Hong Gao, Mei Qu, Hua-Zhong Ren, Xiao-Lei Sui, Qing-Yun Chen and Zhen-Xian Zhang

, function, application, and ecological benefits of single-slope solar greenhouses in China. This technical information may help to guide relevant application in other countries and regions. Structure and development of single-slope solar greenhouses in China

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Yongqiang Qian, Deying Li, Lei Han and Zhenyuan Sun

ecological research, members of a clone are considered ramets before they become independent from the parent plant for study of photosynthate partition ( Alpert, 1991 ). Another important characteristic of clonal plants is physiological integration, which is