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adapted to regions with low temperature (−30 to −40 °C) and drought conditions. As is well known, most C. avellana cultivars are susceptible to eastern filbert blight, but the causal fungus Anisogramma anomala is not present in China. Chinese

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defects; matures 10–14 d before Barcelona. Tree: moderately vigorous, 86% of size of Barcelona; productive; high level of quantitative resistance to eastern filbert blight ( Anisogramma anomala ), resistant to big bud mites ( Phytoptus avellanae and

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% of Barcelona; productivity low; female inflorescences receptive late; catkins small and produce very little pollen; very highly resistant to eastern filbert blight ( Anisogramma anomala ); moderately susceptible to bud mite ( Phytoptus avellanae

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