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Gene E. Lester, Robert A. Saftner and D. Mark Hodges

). Although the cumulative photon flux during spring was higher than in fall, this did not translate into higher photosynthesis-induced sugar accumulation in these fruit. Higher SSC in fall-grown vs. spring-grown orange-fleshed honey dew fruit was also

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Seth DeBolt, Renata Ristic, Patrick G. Iland and Christopher M. Ford

(Wilcoxon signed rank test, P < 0.001; Fig. 1A ). TSS data were comparable across all treatments ( Fig. 1B ). Veraison (the onset of berry softening and sugar accumulation) occurred between 60 and 70 DAF for all treatments. The reduction in berry weight

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Hemant L. Gohil and Michelle M. Moyer

( AgWeatherNet, 2014 ; Yau et al., 2014 ), and average daylengths of 14 to 15.75 h between June and August. This semiarid climate provides sufficient heat units to adequately ripen the varieties being grown there. However, sugar accumulation during the ripening

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Xiuju Bian, Emily Merewitz and Bingru Huang

of drought stress ( Fig. 7 ). The significant increase in sugar content in TE-treated plants indicated that TE application resulted in increased sugar accumulation, which may contribute to the lower ψ S . Han et al. (1998) reported that TE affected

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Maria Victoria Huitrón, Manuel Diaz, Fernando Diánez, Francisco Camacho and Antonio Valverde

of seedless fruit, indicating that such concentrations play a very important role in sugar accumulation during the late stages of development. In addition, Hayata et al. (2001) concluded that levels of sucrose synthase activity are closely related

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Lei Gao, Shengjie Zhao, Xuqiang Lu, Nan He and Wenge Liu

, N. Spence, C. 2008 Multisensory flavor perception: Assessing the influence of fruit acids and color cues on the perception of fruit-flavored beverages Food Qual. Prefer. 19 335 343 Zhang, H. Ge, Y. 2016 Dynamics of sugar-metabolic enzymes and sugars

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Bhaskar Bondada

grappling with today, none is more paradoxical and economically detrimental to fruit quality than SOUR shrivel ( Bondada and Keller, 2012a , 2012b ), also known as berry shrivel ( Hall et al., 2011 ; Knoll et al., 2010 ), and sugar accumulation disorder

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Verónica Raga, Guillermo P. Bernet, Emilio A. Carbonell and Maria J. Asins

function in arabidopsis Plant Cell 24 1127 1142 Barry, G.H. Castle, W.S. Davis, F.S. 2004 Rootstock and plant water relations affect sugar accumulation of citrus fruit via osmotic adjustment J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 129 881 889 Bassil, E. Ohto, M.A. Esumi

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Yajun Chen, Jingjin Yu and Bingru Huang

conditions ( Fig. 3 ). These results suggested that elevated CO 2 could facilitate osmotic adjustment in association with soluble sugar accumulation and consequently retained more water in leaves of tall fescue. Other solutes such as proline and glycine

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Dongfeng Liu, Junbei Ni, Ruiyuan Wu and Yuanwen Teng

difference between the control (Con) and high-temperature treatment (HT) at P < 0.05. Different sugar accumulation patterns in mature leaves and fruit flesh under high-temperature treatment. Fructose and glucose contents in both mature leaves and fruit