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Lyn A. Gettys and Kimberly A. Moore

. Overall rankings were calculated as the means of these five values, which were used to identify the substrate and irrigation combination that resulted in best growth of each littoral plant evaluated in these experiments. Overall rankings within each

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Lisa Alexander

Lour. at Zhouluocun in Hunan Acta Hort. Sinica 32 926 929 Lindstrom, J.T. Robbins, J.A. Klingaman, G.L. Starr, S. Carson, J. 2001 The University of Arkansas plant evaluation program HortTechnology 11 362 364 Mu, H.N. Huo, G.L. Liang, G.W. Yang, X.L. Sun

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Dipak Sharma-Poudyal, Timothy C. Paulitz and Lindsey J. du Toit

between inoculated vs. control plants for some genotypes in only one of the two experiments may reflect the limited number of plants evaluated, the large variance in dependent variables measured, and/or inherent variability within some of the genotypes

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Alicia Rihn and Hayk Khachatryan

-free plants. Literature Cited Anella, L.B. Schnelle, M.A. Maronek, D.M. 2001 Oklahoma Proven: A plant evaluation and marketing program HortTechnology 11 381 384 Blacquiére, T. Smagghe, G. van Gestel, C.A.M. Mommaerts, V. 2012 Neonicotinoids in bees: A review

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James E. Altland and Charles Krause

plant evaluations and their findings were generally inconclusive; however, they did document differences among wheat straw, hemp straw, and miscanthus straw with respect to water-holding capacity and moisture characteristic curves. Our objective was to

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Eduardo D. Munaiz, Russell L. Groves and Michael J. Havey

below (evaluation CF16). In 2017, the 14 accessions were planted in the greenhouse as described for 2016, pots were arranged in a CRD with six replications, and leaves were sampled for analysis by GCMS at 71 d after planting (evaluation GH17). In 2017

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Peter J. Zale and Pablo Jourdan

variation in drumstick alliums ( Allium subgenus Melannocrommyum ) Syst. Bot. 37 96 104 Hawke, R.G. 1999 Plant evaluation notes: An evaluation report of selected Phlox species and hybrids Chicago Hort. Soc. 13 1 4 Hawke, R.G. 2011 A comparative study of

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Paul M. Lyrene

resulted from their lower vigor and their problems with leaf mites and diseases. Among the F 1 plants evaluated for pedicel attachment, 10 had pedicels that remained on the bush when the berry was harvested, which is characteristic of most highbush

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David Llewellyn, Youbin Zheng and Mike Dixon

for their specific location and thus make informed cropping management decisions. There is no similar dataset available for Canada. One of the ways that plants evaluate their light environment is by sensing the R:FR, where the wavelengths are absorbed

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Megan J. Bowman, David K. Willis and Philipp W. Simon

carrot genotypes B6644 (white storage roots), B7248 (yellow), B2566 (orange), and B2327 (dark orange). Values for a given post planting evaluation with different letters indicate significant differences between genotypes as determined by analysis of