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Elisha O. Gogo, Mwanarusi Saidi, Francis M. Itulya, Thibaud Martin and Mathieu Ngouajio

this scenario has been an increased cost of seed per unit area due to poor germination and pest damage. Insect pests like silverleaf whitefly ( Bemisia tabaci ), potato aphid ( Macrosiphum euphorbiae ), and western flower thrips ( Frankliniella

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William E. Klingeman, Gretchen V. Pettis and S. Kristine Braman

- and disease-resistant ornamental plants, respondents were asked to choose which plant was more resistant to a specific insect pest or plant disease from a pair of ornamental plants selected as complimentary in aesthetic form and landscape function and

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William Sciarappa, Sridhar Polavarapu, James Barry, Peter Oudemans, Mark Ehlenfeldt, Gary Pavlis, Dean Polk and Robert Holdcraft

harvest infection rates were assessed at the Rutgers Fruit Research and Education Farm in Cream Ridge, NJ. Insect pest experiments. Field trials were used to assess the activity of different organic listed insecticides on blueberry maggot

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Diana Carolina Núñez-López, Augusto Ramírez-Godoy and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

irrigation regimens J. Agr. Sci.Tech. (In press) Singh, S.R. 1990 Insect pests of tropical food legumes. Wiley, New York, NY Wünsche, J. Lombardini, L. Greer, D. 2002 ‘Surround’ particle film applications-effects on whole canopy physiology of apple. In XXVI

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Yinping Li, Raymond A. Cloyd and Nora M. Bello

Western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), is an important insect pest of greenhouse-grown horticultural crops worldwide ( Cloyd, 2009 ; Kirk, 2002 ; Lewis, 1997a ; Reitz, 2009 ; Robb and Parrella

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Carlos R. Quesada and Clifford S. Sadof

Insecticidal soap and horticultural oil have been used since the late 1800s to manage soft-bodied insect pests of fruits, shade trees, and ornamental plants ( Weinzierl, 2000 ). Insecticidal soaps are made of a potassium salt of a plant

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Matthew L. Richardson, Catherine J. Westbrook, David G. Hall, Ed Stover, Yong Ping Duan and Richard F. Lee

. australasica , a Microcitrus hybrid (CRC 1485), P. trifoliata ‘Simmons trifoliate’, and Z. ailanthoides ( Westbrook et al., 2011 ). Therefore, these genotypes may be useful in breeding programs aimed at reducing populations of multiple insect pests. In

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Maciej A. Pszczolkowski, Kyndra Chastain, Rachel Veenstra and Martin L. Kaps

The Japanese beetle ( Popillia japonica Newman) is an invasive beetle belonging to the family of Scarabaeidae. First discovered in Riverton, NJ, in 1916 ( Fleming, 1976 ), it is one of the most widespread and destructive insect pests in the eastern

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Karla M. Addesso, Anthony L. Witcher and Donna C. Fare

it to their intended application sites. Our results suggest that swirski mite may be a good candidate for use in outdoor woody ornamental production as a generalist predatory of key mite and insect pests in the southeastern United States. One of the

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Samuel S. Liu and Yong-Biao Liu

Technol. Ctr., Perishables Handling No. 107 Chaudhry, M.Q. 1997 A review of the mechanisms involved in the action of phosphine as an insecticide and phosphine resistance in stored-product insects Pestic. Sci. 49 213 228 Couture, R. Cantwell, M. Ke, D