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Tanja Mucha-Pelzer, Reinhard Bauer, Ekkehard Scobel and Christian Ulrichs

). Early formulations of DE-based silica products were not effective under high relative humidity conditions ( Mewis and Ulrichs, 1999 ), but newly developed formulations have been shown to be effective above 70% relative humidity, which is common in

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Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, C.S. Vavrina, M.S. Reddy and J.W. Kloepper

This research was supported by a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between USDA, ARS and Gustafson LLC (CRADA #58-3K95-8-640). PGPR formulation LS213 has been developed into the commercial product BioYield (Gustafson LLC, Plano

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Anna Marín, Anne Plotto, Lorena Atarés and Amparo Chiralt

a Thoma cell-counting chamber ( Cañamás et al., 2011 ). Coating formulations. Different formulations of coating-forming dispersions (CFDs) were obtained using NaC and pregelatinized PS as main compounds. OA was added in some of the formulations as

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David A. Francko, Kenneth G. Wilson, Qingshun Q. Li and Maria A. Equiza

plant structures are completely killed by cold. The formulation was designed to augment rather than replace a plant's native cold acclimation potential and to be effective over a broad range of species, both taxonomically and in terms of USDA Plant

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Luz M. Reyes, Douglas C. Sanders and Wayne G. Buhler

fumigation because of the rapid buildup of microorganisms shortly after fumigation and before the start of fertilizer injections (J. Wargo, unpublished data) The objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of two formulations of slow

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Paul D. Curtis, Ian A. Merwin, Marvin P. Pritts and David V. Peterson

Department of Fruit and Vegetable Science Paper no. 38. We thank P. Vogt and L. Askham for developing and providing MA formulations, and D. Brunnetti for supplying micronutrient supplements for our experiments. M. Avery provided helpful

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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, Orville C. Baldos and Glenn S. Sakamoto

of seashore dropseed to two rates and two formulations of oxadiazon, incorporated into a hydromulch cap. Materials and methods Plant material. Seashore dropseed [U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant accession HA-4840/ACC. # 9079840] stock

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Xunzhong Zhang, Mike Goatley, Jamie Conner, Megan Wilkins, Inna Teshler, Jun Liu, Michael Fefer and Wenzi Ckurshumova

chlorophyllin ( Cu-Chl). The objective of this study was to investigate effects of two formulations of Cu-Chl and with and without synthetic paraffinic oil (B18-0075 and B18-0074, respectively), applied as soil drench plus foliar spray or foliar spray only, on

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Susan L.F. Meyer

Thanks are extended to Paula Crowley for work in the laboratory and greenhouse, Michael Schwarz (Miles/Bayer Agriculture Division) for facilitating a research agreement, Rüdiger Hain (Bayer Ag) for formulation of Verticillium lecanii , and

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Jacqueline K. Burns

pressure and large spray droplet sizes ( Pozo et al., 2004 ). Development of a sprayable formulation of 1-MCP would facilitate its field use for ethylene-related effects in horticultural commodities. AgroFresh has tested a sprayable 1-MCP formulation that