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Shaolan Yang, Changjie Xu, Bo Zhang, Xian Li and Kunsong Chen

) and Ad-EXP2 (889 bp, accession number DQ915940), were obtained with full C-terminal but partial N-terminal protein sequences of 211 and 207 amino acids respectively. The homology between Ad-EXP1 and Ad-EXP2 was 50% in nucleotide sequence and 74% in

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Kelly J. Vining, Q Zhang, C.A. Smith and T.M. Davis

amino acid nucleotide binding site or a highly variable leucine-rich repeat (LRR) region. The former has been implicated in defense-related cell signaling, whereas the latter is thought to be involved in pathogen recognition. Plant R genes are

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Karen R. Harris, Brian M. Schwartz, Andrew H. Paterson and Jeff A. Brady

similarity to resistance genes or RGA were translated using ExPASy ( Gasteiger et al., 2003 ). Deduced amino acid sequences were aligned using AliBee ( Brodsky et al., 1992 ) in the CLUSTAL W (1.60) format and the Geneious version 4.7.4 software program

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Letizia Tozzini, Paolo Sabbatini and G. Stanley Howell

accumulation of total free amino acid in the berries increases at the onset of veraison and contributes to the pool of YAN, which includes N in the form of α-amino acids and ammonia ( Bell and Henschke, 2008 ). This latter accumulation pattern is quite variable

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Seong-Tae Choi, Doo-Sang Park, Seong-Mo Kang and Seong-Koo Kang

; Park et al., 2003 ). The reserve N compounds are present as amino acids and proteins and the reserve carbohydrates as soluble sugars and starch ( Cheng et al., 2004 ; Oliveira and Priestley, 1988 ; Titus and Kang, 1982 ). A negative relationship

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Zhengke Zhang, Runshan Fu, Donald J. Huber, Jingping Rao, Xiaoxiao Chang, Meijiao Hu, Yu Zhang and Nina Jiang

amino acid residues. The sequence of CDK-Exp3 showed a high amino acid homology to other fruit-specific expansins ( Fig. 1 ). Apart from the signal sequence, CDK-Exp3 contains 8-cysteine (C) residues, four tryptophan (W) residues, and a His

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S. Laywisadkul, C.F. Scagel, L.H. Fuchigami and R.G. Linderman

., 1989 ). Concentrations of free amino acids were determined by the ninhydrin assay ( Yemm and Cocking, 1955 ). The experiment was a completely randomized design with three factors: N fertigation rate in August (0, 100, and 200 mg·L −1 N), autumn spray

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Angela R. Davis, Charles L. Webber III, Wayne W. Fish, Todd C. Wehner, Stephen King and Penelope Perkins-Veazie

is the leading fruit and vegetable source of lycopene, it also contains other antioxidants and amino acids that have health-promoting activities. Fruits and vegetables contain many compounds that work synergistically. Boileau et al. (2003) indicated

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Suping Zhou, Roger J. Sauvé, Zong Liu, Sasikiran Reddy, Sarabjit Bhatti, Simon D. Hucko, Tara Fish and Theodore W. Thannhauser

, glyoxylate shunt, amino acid metabolism, protein folding, defense, and cellular protection mechanisms. Photosynthesis consists of two steps, the light-dependent reaction centers and the carbon fixation cycle (the Calvin cycle). For the light

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

.20 mL distilled water were added, then A 510 was measured immediately ( Dewanto et al., 2002 ). A (+)-catechin hydrate equivalents (CHE) standard curve was prepared from a freshly made solution. Protein and amino acid contents. Leaf samples (about 2 g