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Da Man, Yong-Xia Bao, Lie-Bao Han and Xunzhong Zhang

(zeatin riboside and zeatin ribotide–dihydrozeatin and isopentenyl adenine) are the most common naturally occurring cytokinins ( Strivastava, 2002 ). Bano et al. (1993) noted that cytokinin concentration in xylem sap declined after water deprivation and

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Gilbert Miller, Ahmad Khalilian, Jeffrey W. Adelberg, Hamid J. Farahani, Richard L. Hassell and Christina E. Wells

., 1999 ; Gomi and Masuda, 1981 ; Kim and Lee, 1989 ). The concentration of cytokinins, which are primarily synthesized in roots, is also higher in the xylem sap of some grafted eggplants ( Kato and Lou, 1989 ). These research findings infer conceivable

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Yahia Othman, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Richard Heerema and Rolston St. Hilaire

, are frequently subjected to water deficit conditions during the growing season. Fifty percent reduction in P n ( Fig. 4A ) and g H2O ( Fig. 4B ) only occurred when Ψ smd exceeded –1.5 MPa. A strong correlation among xylem sap abscisic acid

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Michelle DaCosta and Bingru Huang

-to-shoot signals in xylem sap of rice plants in drying soil Aust. J. Plant Physiol. 20 109 115 Barrs, H.D. Weatherley, P.E. 1962 A re-examination of the relative turgidity technique for estimating water deficit in leaves

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Sahar Dabirian and Carol A. Miles

752 758 Joy, S. 2010 Effect of foliar application of chitosan on stomatal conductance and survival of grafted transplants. 25 May 2017. < > Khalil, A.A.M. Grace, J. 1993 Does xylem sap ABA control the stomatal

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Şemsettin Kulaç, Pascal Nzokou, Deniz Guney, Bert Michael Cregg and Ibrahim Turna

the volume of xylem sap and a decrease in parenchymal water content ( Ameglio et al., 2004 ; Sakr et al., 2003 ). This phenomenon has been observed in other conifers ( Hoch et al., 2003 ; Li et al., 2008 ). Overall, significant water stress effects

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Takafumi Kinoshita and Masaharu Masuda

on growth yield and fruit quality of tomato grown in a closed hydroponic system Europ. J. Hort. Sci. 6 204 211 Bialczyk, J. Lechowski, Z. Dziga, D. 2004 Composition of the xylem sap of tomato seedlings cultivated on media with HCO 3 – and nitrogen

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Lucina Gómez-Pérez, Luis Alonso Valdez-Aguilar, Alberto Sandoval-Rangel, Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza, Rosalinda Mendoza-Villarreal and Ana María Castillo-González

enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as peroxidase and catalase. Literature Cited Atkinson, C.J. Mansfield, T.A. Davies, W.J. 1990 Does calcium in xylem sap regulate stomatal conductance? New Phytol. 116 19 27 Cartmill, A.D. Alarcón, A. Valdez

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Ali Akbar Ghasemi Soloklui, Ahmad Ershadi and Esmaeil Fallahi

reserves and are worthy of being considered in future research. Literature Cited Améglio, T. Decourteix, M. Alves, G. Valentin, V. Sakr, S. Julien, J.L. Petel, G. Guilliot, A. Lacointe, A. 2004 Temperature effects on xylem sap osmolarity in walnut trees

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Jack B. Fisher, Anders Lindström and Thomas E. Marler

staining distance. However, we could not clearly distinguish dye movement caused by the initial high-pressure injection from later translocation through xylem sap flow. Vascular leaf traces weave irregularly through the cortex (darker dots in cortex of