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Robert L. Mikkelsen

generally work with the same basic global resources. Although specific nutrient management techniques and options may vary between the two systems, the fundamental processes supporting soil fertility and plant nutrition do not change ( Stockdale et al., 2002

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Mayashree Chinsamy, Manoj G. Kulkarni and Johannes Van Staden

the soils that translates to certain fertility constraints ( Sanchez et al., 1982 ). According to the soil fertility capability classification, fertility constraints such as low cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils is characterized by low organic

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Timothy K. Broschat

needle mulches of ≈60, 69, 78, and 41 μg·cm −3 , respectively, represent significant contributions of this element to soil fertility. Both pine bark and eucalyptus mulch increased soil Mg concentrations above that of unmulched control plots in Expt. 2

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Jonathan P. Lynch

. Although fertilization has alleviated these constraints in high-input agriculture in rich countries, fertilization is minimal and declining in many food-insecure regions, and globally, soil fertility is declining because of anthropogenic erosion

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David Granatstein and Kent Mullinix

on previous organic tree fruit grower surveys, the three top production issues identified for Washington were crop load management, weed control, and soil fertility ( Cornwoman and Granatstein, 1994 ; Granatstein, 2003 ). The latter two management

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Qingren Wang, Waldemar Klassen, Edward A. Evans, Yungcong Li and Merlyn Codallo

bedrocks with low soil fertility. The nutrients in these soils are prone to leaching through the coarse-textured soil profiles by heavy rainfall events that occur mainly during the rainy summer season. On average, more than 1000 mm of rain happens between

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Analena B. Bruce, Elizabeth T. Maynard and James R. Farmer

, and off-farm employment, the difficulty of managing this complexity was heightened. To our knowledge, the management complexity described here has not been identified by previous high tunnel research. Managing soil fertility and diseases in an

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Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin and Michael G. Brown

GMSs, which in turn increased availability of other nutrients because of the pivotal roles of organic matter in soil fertility ( Diacono and Montemurro, 2010 ). In a comparable long-term GMS study, Morlat and Chaussod (2008) observed significant

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Alba A. Clivati McIntyre, David M. Francis, Timothy K. Hartz and Christopher Gunter

18% to 27% ( Sacks and Francis, 2001 ). The majority of the variability was the result of unknown causes or interactions between variables (25% to 50%). We postulated that location differences are closely tied to soil properties and soil fertility

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Thomas Björkman and Joseph W. Shail Jr.

positively correlated to soil fertility, whereas drought or flood produced less biomass. Buckwheat requires at least 700 GDD 50 in 6 weeks after planting to produce sufficient biomass of 1.5 tons/acre ( Fig. 7 ) and justify its use as a cover crop. In New