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Yong Zhang, Chunxia Fu, Yujing Yan, Yan’an Wang, Ming Li, Meixiang Chen, Jianping Qian, Xinting Yang and Shuhan Cheng

concentration. The vitamin C concentration was determined using xylene extraction colorimetry ( Li, 1994 ). The fruit flesh ground with 2% oxalic acid. The homogenate was transferred to a volumetric flask, and 30% ZnSO 4 and 15% potassium ferrocyanide were

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Leqi Yang, Xiao Yang, Hong Zhao, Danfeng Huang and Dongqin Tang

, 2.0 g of freshly ground leaf powder was mixed with 1.0 mL of ZnSO 4 (30%) and potassium ferrocyanide (K 4 Fe 6 ·3H 2 O, 15%), then 1.0% oxalic acid was added to a final volume of 100 mL, the solution was filtered, 2.0 mL of 2,6-dichlorphenol

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Ayse Coban, Yelderem Akhoundnejad, Sultan Dere and H. Yildiz Dasgan

method (520 nm) as milligrams ascorbic acid/100 mL ( Ozdemir and Dundar, 2006 ) (Lambda EZ201; Spectrophtometer Perkin Elmer, Shelton, CT). The fruits were pulped in a blender, and 1 g of pulp was sampled from each fruit. Forty-five milliliters of oxalic

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Mingjun Li, Xuesen Chen, Pingping Wang and Fengwang Ma

or non-renewable oxalic acid and/or tartaric acid and then lost ( Debolt et al., 2007 ). Thus, DHAR is important to maintaining AsA levels and redox status. We found no clear relationship among AsA concentration, DHAR activity, and the mRNA expression

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Sukhvinder Pal Singh and Zora Singh

, S.P. Zheng, X. Zhou, Z. Xu, Y. 2007 Responses of reactive oxygen metabolism and quality in mango fruit to exogenous oxalic acid or salicylic acid under chilling temperature stress Physiol. Plant. 130 112 121 Galli, F. Archbold, D.D. Pomper, K.W. 2009

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Xiaohong Wang, Bishun Ye, Xiangpeng Kang, Ting Zhou and Tongfei Lai

.F. Qin, G.Z. Tian, S.P. 2009 Response of jujube fruits to exogenous oxalic acid treatment based on proteomic analysis Plant Cell Physiol. 50 230 242 Wang, R.H. Yuan, X.Y. Meng, L.H. Zhu, B.Z. Zhu, H.L. Luo, Y.B. Fu, D.Q. 2016 Transcriptome analysis

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Guangxin Liu, Xiaoqian Su, Lingling Guan and Fengrong Hu

): Their fundamental role in the entire antioxidant defence grid. Alexandria J. Med. doi: 10.1016/j.ajme.2017.09.001 Jayaraj, J. Bhuvaneswari, R. Rabindran, R. Muthukrishnan, S. Velazhahan, R. 2010 Oxalic acid-induced resistance to Rhizoctonia solani in

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Víctor Cros, Juan José Martínez-Sánchez and José Antonio Franco

.R. Bible, B.B. McAvoy, R.J. 2004 Oxalic acid concentrations in Purslane ( Portulaca oleraceae L.) is altered by the stage of harvest and the nitrate to ammonium ratios in hydroponics Scientia Hort. 102 267 275 Palaniswamy, U.R. McAvoy, R.J. Bible, B

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Junxin Huang, Robert Heyduck, Richard D. Richins, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Mary A. O’Connell and Shengrui Yao

sterile sand and brought up to 50 mL with 2% oxalic acid. The sample was clarified by centrifuging at 4000 rpm for 10 min at 4 °C (Eppendorf 5810R; Haupauge, NY), and 5 mL of the supernatant was titrated with 0.2 mg/mL 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol. Two

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An Qin, Xiaosan Huang, Huping Zhang, Juyou Wu, Jie Yang and Shaoling Zhang

using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2 −ΔΔCT method Methods 25 402 408 Melino, V.J. Soole, K.L. Ford, C.M. 2009 Ascorbate metabolism and the developmental demand for tartaric and oxalic acids in ripening grape berries BMC Plant Biol. 9 145 Miller, G