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Yumei Zhang, Runfang Hu, Huawei Li, Haisheng Zhu, Jinming Zhao, Na Guo, Han Xing and Guoqiang Lin

Western Hemisphere ( Arikit et al., 2011 ; Juwattanasomran et al., 2011 ). Because immature seeds of vegetable soybean, compared with seeds of normal soybean varieties, have added-value traits, such as high sweet taste, distinct fragrance, and large size

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Dennis J. Werner and Layne K. Snelling

Buddleja (Scrophulariaceae Juss., formally Buddlejaceae K. Wilhelm and Loganiaceae R. Brown), commonly called butterfly bush, is a popular landscape shrub worldwide valued for its summer flowering, fragrance, and attractiveness to butterflies

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decisions. Using a web-based survey, Waliczek et al. (p. 807) found that consumers rated the attributes of disease resistance, flower fragrance, and the abundance of red and everblooming flowers as being the most important in purchasing decisions regarding

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Chun-Yan Han, Gui-Fen Luo, Li Ji, Wei-Bang Sun, Xu-Yang Fu and Cong-Ren Li

. ‘Chilongzhua’ and M. ‘Yanzhizui’ are hybrids of M. crassipes and M. calcicola selected for their distinctive flower color and fragrance. Origin Controlled hybridization was made between M. crassipes (♀) ( Fig. 3 ) and M. calcicola ( ♂ ) ( Fig. 4 ) at

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Darunee Thawornchareon, Unaroj Boonprakob and Kriengsak Thaipong

. The mild fragrance generally found in the species was observed. The flowers are showy, with a diameter of 3.29 cm and a petal length of 1.46 cm, and with short (0.61 cm) greenish red to maroon pubescent peduncles. The sepals are greenish red, changing

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Cynthia B. McKenney, Sandra A. Balch, Victor Hegemann and Susan P. Metz

of 150 to 180 florets each contained in a light gray tomentose bract tinged with dark purple (green group 128D). ‘Raider Azure’ blooms from late spring to frost and retains a moderate herbal fragrance throughout the season. When flowers senesce

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Claude Richer, Lynn M. Collicutt, Campbell G. Davidson, Larry Dyck and Caroline Lafond

semidouble-type flower that is dark red (53A) aging to pinkish red ( Fig. 3 ). The flowers have a very faint fragrance. When viewed from above, the fully opened flower is round in shape. When viewed from the side, it is flat on the upper part and flattened

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Scott C. Redlin, Dale E. Herman and Larry J. Chaput

, and fragrance of the flowers, ‘SunDak’ is a new tree lilac cultivar selected primarily for its attractive exfoliating orange to coppery pigmented bark on the trunk and lateral branches, which provides landscape interest throughout the year. This

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Claude Richer, Caroline Lafond and Campbell Davidson

-purple (57D) on the lower face after opening. The sepal extensions are absent to weak. ‘Félix Leclerc’ has double flowers that are dark blue-pink (67C) and 65–117 mm in diameter ( Fig. 2C ). The flowers have a weak, musky fragrance. The color changes to a red

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Alan W. Meerow, Tomás Ayala-Silva and Brian M. Irish

-like fragrance. The flower buds are 9.5–12.3 mm in diameter and are ribbed. The calyx at anthesis is 2.4–3.0 cm wide, consisting of six deltoid, light green spreading sepals, each 7.8–8.8 mm long and 4–4.5 mm wide, acute at their apex, with a light pink (RHS Red