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Maite A. Chauvin, Matthew Whiting and Carolyn F. Ross

recognize the sensory attributes of cherry appearance (color intensity), texture (flesh firmness and juiciness), and flavor/taste (sweetness, sourness, and cherry flavor intensity). Attribute definitions and reference standards are presented in Table 1

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Gregory M. Peck, Ian A. Merwin, Christopher B. Watkins, Kathryn W. Chapman and Olga I. Padilla-Zakour

each year. At each harvest, a 10-fruit subsample was selected from each plot for measurements of percent surface blush, internal ethylene concentration (IEC), flesh firmness, SSC, starch index rating, and TA. Comparisons of sensory, mineral

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Christopher B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock

for all storage analyses. In both experiments, IECs, flesh firmness, SSC, and TA were measured at harvest and after storage, except in Expt. 1 in which IEC was not measured after storage. Starch pattern indices were measured at harvest. Acetaldehyde

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Huicong Wang and Lailiang Cheng

content), soluble solids concentration (SSC), flesh firmness, and the rate of ethylene evolution are often measured in addition to skin color to indicate the maturity stage of apple for making decisions on harvest time. N supply does not necessarily affect

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Hiroshi Iwanami, Shigeki Moriya, Nobuhiro Kotoda, Sae Takahashi and Kazuyuki Abe

. Measurements of firmness and titratable acidity. Flesh firmness was measured using a fruit pressure tester (FT327; McCormick Fruit Technology, WA) mounted on a drill press and fitted with an 11.1-mm probe on the pared surfaces of the sunny and shady sides of

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Celia M. Cantín, Carlos H. Crisosto and Kevin R. Day

, 45, and 60 d of storage at 0 °C. Skin color was visually evaluated at each time and expressed as percentage of dark fruit. Dark plums are considered senescent with a short market life by the trade. Flesh firmness was measured using a firmness tester

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Patrick J. Conner

, and time ( Letaief et al., 2008 ). Sensory attributes such as skin friability, skin thickness, and flesh firmness have been proposed to characterize commercial table grape cultivars ( Cliff et al., 1996 ). Recently, mechanical investigation into grape

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Ibrahim I. Tahir and Hilde Nybom

Chemstation Version 9.03 (Agilent). Analysis of quality parameters at harvest. In all experiments, quality parameters, skin color, flesh firmness, SSC, and TA were estimated on two fruits per tree at harvest (eight fruits per block and treatment in Expt. 1 and

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Abigail Attavar, Lydia Tymon, Penelope Perkins-Veazie and Carol A. Miles

digital caliper (Mitutoyo Corporation, Kanagawa, Japan). Rind firmness and flesh firmness also were measured for the same slice using a penetrometer (Ametek, Hatfield, PA) with tip sizes of 0.5 mm and 3.5 mm, respectively. Using the same slice, TSS (°Brix

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Sanliang Gu, Carlos H. Crisosto, R. Scott Johnson, Robert C. Cochran and David Garner

Fruit from 8 `Hayward' kiwifruit vineyards in central California were harvested at 2 week intervals after soluble solids content (SSC) reached 6% and subjected to 4 and 6 months of storage at 0°C in an ethylene free environment. Fruit characteristics at harvest and postharvest performance varied considerably among locations. Fruit stored for 6 months had the same fresh weight, less flesh firmness and higher SSC, than the 4 months storage. Later harvested fruit had greater fruit flesh firmness and higher SSC after storage. SSC after storage was predictable based on ripe soluble solids content (RSSC) at harvest. Summer pruning reduced while soil nitrogen application increased fruit SSC.