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) ( Chavez and Lyrene, 2010 ), the late flowering of our hybrids could prevent crop loss as a result of late freeze that affects currently cultivated blueberry. Lyrene (1997) found that for genotype MIK ( Vaccinium darrowi × V. arboreum ) and southern

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. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 67 8 18 Qu, L. Vorsa, N. 1999 Desynapsis and spindle abnormalities leading to 2n pollen formation in Vaccinium darrowi Genome 40 35 40 Ranger, C.M. Johnson-Cicalese, J. Polavarapu, S. Vorsa, N. 2006 Evaluation of Vaccinium spp. for

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improvement Hort. Res. and Dev. Corporation Project NO. VG 104 Hort. Res. Dev. Corp. Gordon, New South Wales, Australia Spann, T.M. Williamson, J.G. Darnell, R.L. 2003 Photoperiodic effects on vegetative and reproductive growth of Vaccinium

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