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Lanqing Wang, Yinfeng Li, Dehai Liu, Chaohui Zhang, Yuancheng Qi, Yuqian Gao, Jinwen Shen and Liyou Qiu

incubated at 25 °C until the mycelia colonized the content of the bag to determine the lag phase and growth rate of immobilized spawn. The duration from inoculation to the beginning of mycelial growth (i.e., the lag phase) was recorded. Starting with the

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Ebrahiem M. Babiker, Stephen J. Stringer, Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Barbara J. Smith and James J. Polashock

of agar. A 5.5-mm plug from each isolate was placed in the center of a petri dish plate containing PDA amended with each fungicide. After 7 d, colony diameter was measured. The percentage of mycelial growth inhibition (MGI) was calculated from the

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Rebecca Grumet and Marivi Colle

. capsici preferentially infects cucumber fruits, especially young fruit, while leaves and vines remain healthy ( Ando et al., 2009 , 2015 ; Gevens et al., 2006 ). Disease is manifested by extensive mycelial growth, sporulation, fruit rot, and tissue

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Timothy W. Coolong, Ronald R. Walcott and William M. Randle

disks inoculated with 10 4 conidia. By 120 h of incubation, profuse mycelial growth was observed in disks inoculated with 10 2 and 10 4 conidia ( Fig. 5 ). Fig. 4. ( A ) Average level of Botrytis aclada mycelial weight with se bars of

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Huey-Ling Lin, Jenjira Chumpookam, Ching-Chang Shiesh and Wen-Hsin Chung

25 °C. Five 5-μL drops from the oospore culture were placed on glass slides and viewed under a light microscope at 20× magnification to estimate the number of oospores by a mechanical counter. Effect of smoke-water on mycelial growth of Pythium sp

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Sephra N. Rampersad

Brady, 2002 ). Fayazalla et al. (2008) and Subbarao et al. (1995) both reported that growth was optimal at 25 °C followed by 20 °C. The optimum temperature for mycelial growth and production of microsclerotia of pumpkin isolates was 25 ± 1 °C

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Ramsey Sealy, Michael R. Evans and Craig Rothrock

that ajoene, a compound isolated from garlic, inhibited spore formation in several pathogenic fungi in culture. Singh et al. (1992) reported that at higher concentrations, ajoene inhibited mycelial growth, sporangium formation, and zoospore

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Margaret T. Mmbaga, Lucas A. Mackasmiel and Frank A. Mrema

potential impact on plant growth. Materials and Methods Confirmation of the identity of M. phaseolina isolates from dogwood root rot. Nine fungal isolates were obtained from roots and the crown region of distressed mature plants that exhibited scotched

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Root-pruned Live Oak Trees Root systems are frequently reduced during transplanting. Martínez-Trinidad et al. (p. 46) evaluated the impact of paclobutrazol (PBZ) on the overall growth and vitality of root-pruned, field-grown live oaks. They found that

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Charles S. Krasnow and Mary K. Hausbeck

Hausbeck (2013a) where 0 = no visible pathogen growth; 1 = water-soaking only; 2 = light visible mycelial growth; 3 = moderate mycelial growth; and 4 = dense mycelial growth. Fruit receiving a mean rating value ≤0.5 were considered resistant (R), and fruit