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Kelly Ross, Gerry Neilsen and Denise Neilsen

There is growing interest in consuming a diet enriched with naturally occurring phytochemicals, such as a diet high in fruits and vegetables. High intake of fruit and vegetables is reported to be beneficial to human health as a result of the

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Salvatore S. Mangiafico, Julie Newman, Donald J. Merhaut, Jay Gan, Ben Faber and Laosheng Wu

. 2006 Water quality: Impacts of agriculture 33 41 Agricultural resources and environmental indicators2006 edition 29 Apr. 2008 < >. Siepmann, S. Finlayson, B. 2002 Water quality criteria for

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Karen Salandanan, Marisa Bunning, Frank Stonaker, Oktay Külen, Patricia Kendall and Cecil Stushnoff

nutrition and human health. Along with evidence of nutritional benefits, demand for organic produce continues to grow as consumers seek high-quality fresh products from local markets. Organic produce is perceived to be safe, environmentally friendly, and of

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Gladis M. Zinati

, J. Randerson, W. Schlesinger, D. Lettenmaier, D. Major, L. Poff, S. Running, L. Hansen, D. Inouye, B.P. Kelly, L. Meyerson, B. Peterson, and R. Shaw. U.S. Dept. Agr., Washington, DC. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2010 Climate change indicators

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Bret Sparks, Gregg Munshaw, David Williams, Michael Barrett, Jeffrey Beasley and Paul Woosley

: The emergence of a key environmental indicator J. Amer. Plann. Assoc. 62 243 258 Art, H.W. 1993 Eutrophication, p. 179. In: Art, H.W. (ed.). A dictionary of ecology and environmental science. 1st ed. Henry Holt and Company, New York, New York. Baird, A

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Chieri Kubota, Mark Kroggel, Mohammad Torabi, Katherine A. Dietrich, Hyun-Jin Kim, Jorge Fonseca and Cynthia A. Thomson

present study were selected to satisfy the requirements of this human health study. Materials and Methods Greenhouse tomato production. ‘Durinta’ tomato plants were grown in a high-wire system (3.5 m height) using rockwool substrate in two identical

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Matt A. Rudisill, Bruce P. Bordelon, Ronald F. Turco and Lori A. Hoagland

limited exposure to rainfall. High tunnel growers should perform routine soil nutrient analyses to monitor P levels, to meet crop nutrient needs, and limit negative environmental or human health impacts associated with P accumulation. Application of animal

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Filippo Sgroi, Enrica Donia, Mário Franco and Angelo Marcello Mineo

often also a producer and therefore had sufficient information regarding production and processing methods. Product quality can impact directly or indirectly the health and safety of consumers. Therefore, it is important for food companies to produce

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Carl J. Rosen and Deborah L. Allan

in other plant secondary compounds has increased because of their potential effects on improving human health ( Dumas et al., 2003 ). For example, phenolic compounds, which play a role in plant defense mechanisms to resist diseases and insects, also

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Georgina D. Arthur, Adeyemi O. Aremu, Manoj G. Kulkarni and Johannes Van Staden

hazards to humans and livestock as well as causing severe environmental problems such as water and soil pollution, which are generally considered detrimental ( Alam et al., 2007 ). Good agricultural practices determine the level of food production and, to