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Richard P. Marini, John A. Barden and Donald Sowers

Abbreviations: FW, fruit weight; TCSA, trunk cross-sectional area; YE, yield efficiency. 1 Associate Professor. 2 Professor. 3 Research Technician. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal

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Ricardo Goenaga, A. Graves Gillaspie Jr and Adolfo Quiles

of a genotype to produce a good crop when field-grown at a pH greater than 7.5. The present study was conducted with the objective of determining yield potential of various cowpea genotypes that have shown alkaline-soil tolerance in unreplicated seed

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Lynn Brandenberger, William McGlynn, Lynda Wells, Bruce Bostian and Mark Payton

, the objective of these studies was to make carrot cultivar recommendations for commercial production and processing by evaluating carrot root yield and quality characteristics. Materials and methods Study site information. Carrot cultivars were

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Michael W. Smith

·ha −1 material) were applied annually beginning when the first leaf began to unfurl then at ≈2-week intervals until applied five times during each growing season. Forty-nine trees were monitored annually for 5 years. Trees were harvested, yield measured

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Stephen M. Olson and Joshua H. Freeman

. 2005, 3 Oct. 2005, 25 Sept. 2006, respectively). Plants that had bolted or exhibited a growth habit different from the remainder of the plot were considered nonmarketable or an off-type and not included in yield data. Yield from individual plots was

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Diego Cunha Zied, Marli Teixeira Almeida Minhoni, J. Emilio Pardo-González and Arturo Pardo-Giménez

use of these materials, they should be treated to limit their possible negative impact on mycelial growth and yield, which can be accomplished either by heat treatments or chemical treatments. Among the thermal treatments, the use of steam and forced

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Ricardo Goenaga

study lasting 10 years (5 years of fruit production), Goenaga and Jenkins (2011) found considerable genetic diversity among rambutan cultivars for economically important traits such as fruit production, yield, total soluble solids, and fruit

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Chad E. Finn, Andrew L. Thomas, Patrick L. Byers and Sedat Serçe

effects or that compared the two species for horticultural characteristics. The main objective of this study was to determine the G × E interaction for yield and phenological traits for four S. canadensis genotypes (‘Adams II’, ‘Gordon B’, ‘Johns’, and

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Vincent M. Russo and James Shrefler

There is information on production of bunching onions under field conditions ( Anonymous, 2002 ; Boyhan et al., 2009 ; Hodges, 2004 ). Expected yields from field production are ≈10,000 to 12,300 kg·ha −1 ( Anonymous, 2002 ) equating to ≈1 to 1

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Shengrui Yao, Robert Heyduck and Steven Guldan

20 kg·ha −1 P, and 25 to 30 kg·ha −1 K. Fertilizer and rate varied slightly from site to site according to fertilizer availability. Tree performance, yield, and fruit characteristics. Trees were evaluated for fruiting status, and fruit number was