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Jieshan Cheng, Peige Fan, Zhenchang Liang, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Niu, Weidong Li and Shaohua Li

significant differences in E between “+ fruit” and the two “bag removal” treatments ( Fig. 1C ). Fig. 1. ( A ) Diurnal net photosynthetic rate (P n ), ( B ) stomatal conductance ( g s ), ( C ) transpiration (E), ( D ) leaf temperature (T leaf ) and

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Michelle DaCosta and Bingru Huang

difference in canopy height at 5-d intervals. Canopy net photosynthetic rate (Pn) and evapotranspiration (ET) rates were measured ≈5 h into the 14-h photoperiod using an infrared gas exchange analyzer (LI-COR 6400; LI-COR, Inc., Lincoln, Nebr.) with a

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Shuyang Zhen and Stephanie E. Burnett

biomass and leaf area accumulation. A N , g S , and E of both cultivars measured on the first dates (d 37 and 38) increased linearly as θ increased ( Fig. 5A–F ). Net photosynthetic rate of ‘Munstead’ measured on the second date (d 52) increased linearly

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Wook Oh, In Hye Cheon, Ki Sun Kim and Erik S. Runkle

plant photosynthesis and carbon use efficiency in wax begonia. Our regression analysis indicates that net photosynthetic rate of cyclamen was highest when grown under DLI of ≈17 mol·m −2 ·d −1 . Moe (1994) divided the response of herbaceous ornamental

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Eleni M. Abraham, William A. Meyer, Stacy A. Bonos and Bingru Huang

parameters (Pn, transpiration rate, and WUE) were significantly higher in the two hybrids than in the two KBG genotypes, except for hybrid ‘845’, which was comparable in Pn to the two hybrids ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Leaf net photosynthetic rate (Pn

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Lingyun Yuan, Yujie Yuan, Shan Liu, Jie Wang, Shidong Zhu, Guohu Chen, Jinfeng Hou and Chenggang Wang

with a mixed solution containing acetone, ethanol, and water (the volume ratio, 4.5:4.5:1). Photosynthetic parameters and CO 2 exchange. Net photosynthetic rate (P N ), stomatal conductance ( g s ), intercellular CO 2 concentration (Ci), and

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Liyuan Huang, Jun Yuan, Hui Wang, Xiaofeng Tan and Genhua Niu

treatments. Fig. 4. Effects of aluminum (Al) stress on net photosynthetic rate (P n, A ), stomatal conductance ( g s , B ), intracellular CO 2 concentration (C i , C ), transpiration rate (T r , D ) of oil tea seedlings grown in pots treated with Al at

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Enoc Barrera-Aguilar, Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Ana M. Castillo-González, Andrew D. Cartmill, Donita L. Cartmill, Edilberto Avitia-García and Luis Ibarra-Jímenez

) concentration. Net photosynthetic rate was affected by K ext in both young and mature leaves but no significant trend was observed in mature leaves, whereas in young leaves, photosynthetic rate increased as K ext increased from 0 to 5 mmol·L −1 ( Table 4

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Ryo Matsuda, Chieri Kubota, M. Lucrecia Alvarez and Guy A. Cardineau

exchange measurements. Measurements of net photosynthetic rate ( P n ), transpiration rate and g S in young, fully expanded leaves were carried out using a portable photosynthesis system equipped with a halogen light source (CIRAS-2; PP Systems, Amesbury

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Wenjie Ma, Wen Liang and Bing Zhao

83.1%. Fig. 3. Effects of different vapor pressure deficits (VPD) on ( A ) net photosynthetic rate (P n ), ( B ) intercellular CO2 concentration (C i ), ( C ) stomatal conductance ( g s ), and ( D ) transpiration rate (T r ) of two Rhododendron