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Jinhe Bai, Elizabeth Baldwin, Jack Hearn, Randy Driggers and Ed Stover

experiment, with the combination of headspace SPME sampling and GC-MS determination, ethanol contributed very little to the total ion current. The most abundant chemical class was monoterpene hydrocarbons with 20 components representing 62% to 94% of the

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Allen V. Barker

continuing through hydrocarbons, unsaturated molecules, and hydrophilic molecules to salt-forming phytochemicals. Examples of specific phytochemicals in each component are quite complete and are too numerous to mention in this review. For each component, the

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Anne Plotto, Elizabeth Baldwin, Jinhe Bai, John Manthey, Smita Raithore, Sophie Deterre, Wei Zhao, Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, Philip A. Stansly and James A. Tansey

concentration below detection threshold (0.011–0.027 μL·L −1 in juice; T = 0.146 μL·L −1 ) ( Plotto et al., 2008b ). Sourness, umami and tingling were correlated with the monoterpene hydrocarbons myrcene, limonene, sabinene and α-pinene, adehydes hexanal, and

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render its surface lipophilic. The clay was chemically transformed with quaternary ammonium compounds in which the ligands consisted entirely of aliphatic long-chain hydrocarbons or of a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon residues. This

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Honghui Gu, Jiansheng Wang, Huifang Yu, Zhenqing Zhao, Xiaoguang Sheng, Jisuan Chen and Yingjun Xu

carcinogenesis by inducing phase-I enzymes, which can oxidize inert polyaromatic hydrocarbons to DNA-binding products ( Baird et al., 2005 ). A recent study further demonstrated that the neoglucobrassicin/myrosinase complex showed strongly mutagenic properties in

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Steven J. Damon, Russell L. Groves and Michael J. Havey

; Tulloch, 1976 ; Walton, 1990 ) and revealed carbohydrate, short hydrocarbon, and long hydrocarbon chain (wax) compounds in chloroform-extracted samples from onion leaves. Pairwise comparisons among wax compounds accounted for the vast majority of the

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Jollanda Effendy, Don R. La Bonte and Niranjan Baisakh

, transient, and rarely expressed candidate genes induced in response to Aspergillus flavus infection in cotton [ Gossypium hirsutum ( Lee et al., 2012 )] and petroleum hydrocarbon exposure in Spartina alterniflora ( Ramanarao et al . , 2011 ). The

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Larry E. Schrader

transformation of the clay with quaternary ammonium compounds in which the ligands consist entirely of aliphatic long-chain hydrocarbons or of a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon residues. This reaction converts the hydrophilic clay into a hydrophobic

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J.L. Bi and N.C. Toscano

hydrocarbon), chlorpyrifos and malathion (organophosphate), methomyl (carbamate), bifenthrin and fenpropathrin (pyrethroid) ( Bi and Toscano, 2007 ). The residual activities of these insecticides against the greenhouse whitefly on strawberry are ≈1 week

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Myrtle P. Shock, Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, Nancy L. Shaw, Lamont D. Saunders and Ram K. Sampangi

.V. 2004 California Lomatiums part III. Composition of the hydrodistilled oils from two varieties of Lomatium dissectum . Isolation of a new hydrocarbon Journal of Essential Oil Research 16 461 468 Clarke, J.F.G. 1953 Host relationships of moths of the