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Ying Kong, Jinrong Bai, Lixin Lang, Fang Bao, Xiaoying Dou, Huan Wang and Hongzhong Shang

attract pollinators for reproductive success ( Fenske and Imaizumi, 2016 ; Muhlemann et al., 2014 ; Yue et al., 2015 ). It has also been highly appreciated by humans for its fragrance and health benefits ( Jo et al., 2013 ; Lücker et al., 2006 ). Scent

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Marietta M. Loehrlein

or aquatic habitats. The symbols also indicate whether plants require winter protection, are used in window boxes, are medicinal or toxic, are used as cut flowers or fruit decoration, or are otherwise useful. There is even a symbol for fragrance. Even

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Kathy Zuzek, David Zlesak, Vance Whitaker, Steve McNamara and Stan C. Hokanson

). Northern Accents ® ‘Lena’ ‘Lena’ ( Fig. 2 ) has single (five-petaled) pink/white blend flowers [Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) 61D corolla face; 155A petal base; 57D corolla back; RHS, 1995 ] with a light fragrance and a diameter of 2.5–3.8 cm. Plants

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Marietta Loehrlein

to medicinal to ornamental. This book addresses all of those areas and touches on many other topics, such as pressing flowers, fragrance, native pollinators, ink from oak galls, and orchid reproduction, to name only a few. I am not suggesting that

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Ching-San Kuan, Tan-Cha Lee, Meng-Hsun Tsai, Hui-Wen Tsai and Chia-Hui Tang

‘Tainung No. 22’ (TNG.22, ♀ ‘Smooth Cayenne’ × ♂ ‘Tainung No. 8’), also known as ‘Honey Fragrance’, was a new pineapple cultivar released by the Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Station, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, on Feb. 2012. The fruit

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Robert H. Stamps

“quick guide for choosing the right plant” provides useful listings for selecting plants based on flower or fruit color, fragrance, and season(s) or cut stem parts of interest. The final chapters list sources of additional information and plant sources

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Julia C. Brotton and Janet C. Cole

temperature fluctuations that can lead to dry, irritated skin. Many people use body lotion or other moisturizers to reduce the discomfort of dry, irritated skin. The lotion used in this study contained many ingredients, including fragrances, substances that

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Hua Gao, Zheng-yang Zhao, Lei-cun Wang, Zhen-zhong Liu and Ya-zhou Yang

taste and fragrance and improved shelf life. Therefore, it has great potential to compete and reduce the quantity of ‘Fuji’ on the market. The fruit shape is medium-conical with a fruit shape index of 0.84 ( Watkins and Smith, 1982 ). The fruit is medium

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Kaoru Nakamura, Hirotoshi Hino, Sadao Gunji, Norio Hattanda, Toshio Murata, Hiroshi Tominaga, Koichi Fukumoto and Ryo Akashi

inflorescence is 3.8 flowers on an inflorescence, a suitable number for cut flower production. The flower direction is upward. Peduncle length is 42.9 cm and diameter is 3.6 mm. Pedicel length is 1.4 cm and diameter is 1.6 mm. The fragrance is moderate

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Xianqin Qiu, Hao Zhang, Hongying Jian, Qigang Wang, Ningning Zhou, Huijun Yan, Ting Zhang and Kaixue Tang

the old garden roses often lies in the heavy fragrance they can impart to the garden ( Cairns, 2003 ). Nowadays, more efficient breeding strategies are needed as a result of the increasing demand for new modern roses. Many species and old garden roses