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Maurizio Mulas and Rita A.M. Melis

purposes because of the essential oil content of its leaves and fruits ( Dorman and Deans, 2000 ; Shadidi Bonjar, 2004 ; Vanhaelen and Vanhaelen-Fastré, 1980 ). In Sardinia, myrtle berries and leaves are traditionally used in the production of red and

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Andrea L. Medina-Holguín, Sandra Micheletto, F. Omar Holguín, Jaime Rodriguez, Mary A. O'Connell and Charles Martin

than 95% of the essential oil content. Distinct chemical profiles were identified and different climate conditions were associated with optimal accumulation of each of three different essential oil components ( Fig. 2 ). Fig. 2. Correlation

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Kellie J. Walters and Christopher J. Currey

basil ( Ocimum basilicum L.) J. Agr. Food Chem. 46 1734 1738 Sifola, M.I. Barbieri, G. 2006 Growth, yield and essential oil content of three cultivars of basil grown under different levels of nitrogen in the field Sci. Hort. 108 408 413 Simon, J

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Mostafa Farajpour, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Amin Baghizadeh and Mostafa Aalifar

. millefolium accessions as their plants were grown under different time and geographical conditions. However, our accessions had higher essential oil content than Lithuanian A. millefolium samples (in the range of 0.06–0.19%; Gudaityte and Venskutonis, 2007

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Rose Palumbo, Wai-Foong Hong, Guo-Liang Wang, Jinguo Hu, Richard Craig, James Locke, Charles Krause and David Tay

.N. Gayathri, M.C. Ramesh, S. 2004 Somaclonal variation for some morphological traits, herb yield, essential oil content and essential oil composition in an Indian cultivar of rose-scented geranium Plant Breed. 123 84 86

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Raymond A. Cloyd, Karen A. Marley, Richard A. Larson and Bari Arieli

. Insect repellents; principles, methods, and uses CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Boca Raton, FL Morales, M.R. Simon, J.E. Charles, D.J. 1993 Comparison of essential oil content and composition between field and greenhouse grown genotypes of methyl

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John Erwin, Tanveer Hussein and David J. Baumler

evaluation of exogenous application of salicylic acid on physiological characteristics, proline and essential oil content of chamomile ( Matricaria chamomila L.) under normal and heat stress conditions Agriculture 6 3 31 Hassan, M. Haider, T. Chowdhury, S

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Neo Edwin Nyakane, Moosa Mahmood Sedibe and Elisha Markus

essential oil content and composition of saturn ( Satureja hortensis L.) in response to calcium carbonate and nitrogen application rates J. Med. Plants Res. 5 10 1762 1768 Occhipinti, A. De Santis, A. Maffei, M.E. 2014 Magnetoreception: An unavoidable step

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Deron Caplan, Mike Dixon and Youbin Zheng

selectively bred for fiber production rather than for essential oil content ( Amaducci et al., 2015 ). A chemotaxonomic study found low gene flow between drug- and fiber-type cannabis ( Hillig and Mahlberg, 2004 ) and was supported by a recent genomic study

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Danielle D. Treadwell, George J. Hochmuth, Robert C. Hochmuth, Eric H. Simonne, Lei L. Davis, Wanda L. Laughlin, Yuncong Li, Teresa Olczyk, Richard K. Sprenkel and Lance S. Osborne

) observed the foliage yield, essential oil content, and oil yield in field-grown basil ( O. basilicum ‘Vikas Sudha’) foliage was greatest when vermicompost (5 mg·ha −1 ) plus conventional fertilizer {50 kg·ha −1 N, 25 kg·ha −1 P, and 25 kg·ha −1 K