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Brian A. Kahn

northern India. The tested geranium–pepper intercrop gave an average LER of 1.36, but this was inferior to the best combination, a geranium–wild marigold ( Tagetes minuta ) intercrop that gave an average LER of 1.53. Mallow family (Malvaceae) Lawal and

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Bekir Şan, Adnan Nurhan Yildirim and Fatma Yildirim

on seed germination of Turkish hazel ( Corylus colurna L.) Acta Hort. 845 203 206 Baskin, J.M. Baskin, C.C. 1997 Methods of breaking seed dormancy in the endangered species Iliamna corei (Sherff) Sherff (Malvaceae), with special attention to

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Darin A. Sukha, Pathmanathan Umaharan and David R. Butler

Cacao belongs to the family Malvaceae ( Bayer et al., 1999 ) and originated as an under-story tree species in the tropical rainforests of the upper Amazonian region of South America ( Butler and Umaharan, 2004 ; Mossu, 1992 ). The genus Theobroma

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Edward J. Boza, Juan Carlos Motamayor, Freddy M. Amores, Sergio Cedeño-Amador, Cecile L. Tondo, Donald S. Livingstone III, Raymond J. Schnell and Osman A. Gutiérrez

Cacao is a diploid (2n = 2x = 20) perennial tropical tree belonging to the family Sterculiaceae (Malvaceae sensu lato ), order Malvales ( Alverson et al., 1999 ; Cope, 1984 ). It is native to the humid neotropics between latitudes 20° S and 20° N

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Jason D. Lattier and Ryan N. Contreras

Hibiscus is a genus belonging to Malvaceae, which represents ≈250 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs ( Van Laere, 2008 ). Rose-of-sharon or althea ( H. syriacus ) has been a staple ornamental shrub in American gardens, prized for its

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Muhammad Irshad, Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan, Biswojit Debnath, Muhammad Anwar, Min Li, Shuang Liu, Bizhu He and Dongliang Qiu

, and has been found to be beneficial for the elongation of axial organs including stems and inflorescences ( DeMason, 2005 ). Okra and cotton belong to the Malvaceae family. Recently, Kumar et al. (2016) obtained sufficient shoot elongation during

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YanLing Zheng, GaoJuan Zhao and HuanCheng Ma

.) seeds: The contribution of dehydrin-like protein Trees (Berl.) 23 305 315 Koenig, J. Griffiths, A. 2012 The population ecology of two tropical trees, Brachychiton diversifolius (Malvaceae) and Bombax ceiba (Bombaceae), harvested by indigenous

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Modeste Kan Kouassi, Jane Kahia, Christophe N’guessan Kouame, Mathias Gnion Tahi and Edmond Kouablan Koffi

Cocoa ( T. cacao ) is a neotropical, small, evergreen tree and native to the undergrowth of the Amazon forest (South America), and belongs to the Malvaceae family. It is cultivated around the world, for its seeds mainly used in the manufacture of

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Jane Kahia, Siaka Kone, Lucien Diby, Georges Ngoran, Colombe Dadjo and Christophe Kouame

Cacao ( Theobroma cacao , Malvaceae) is a crop of major importance for the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and ecosystems in many tropical regions. About 72% of the world’s cocoa is produced in Africa, with Côte d’Ivoire being the top producer at

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Donald Livingstone III, Barbie Freeman, Cecile L. Tondo, Kathleen A. Cariaga, Nora H. Oleas, Alan W. Meerow, Raymond J. Schnell and David N. Kuhn

represent the Lauraceae ( P. americana ), Malvaceae ( T. cacao and T. grandiflorum ), and Amaryllidaceae ( Phaedranassa ) families. Quantification assay. Our SG assay was initially based on published procedures ( Leggate et al., 2006 ; Rengarajan