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Pinchas Spiegel-Roy, Aliza Vardi, Yosef Yaniv, Luba Fanberstein, Avraham Elhanati and Nir Carmi

Crusader period, the lemon spread throughout the Mediterranean region. Previously, the citron ( Citrus medica L.), which was probably first imported into the region by Alexander the Great, was the only citrus species in this region. Lemon is relatively

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Ed Stover, David G. Hall, Jude Grosser, Barrett Gruber and Gloria A. Moore

The disease huanglongbing has devastated the Florida citrus industry. Yields of the 2017–18 cropping season were reduced 75% compared with the peak observed since HLB was first found in Florida ( U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2018a , 2018b ). HLB

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Andrew K. Miles, Malcolm W. Smith, Nga T. Tran, Timothy A. Shuey, Megan M. Dewdney and André Drenth

Blanco; C. maxima ; C. medica L.; and C. micrantha Wester and Fortunella spp. ( Wu et al., 2018 ). An understanding of these genetic relationships is important in the development of genetic solutions to CBS because disease-resistant citrus types

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Ed Stover, David G. Hall, Robert G. Shatters Jr. and Gloria A. Moore

× Poncirus trifoliata ), rough lemon ( Citrus jambhiri , nucellar seedlings), citron ( Citrus medica , cultivar Mhac Nao from rooted cuttings), and Volkamer lemon ( Citrus volkamariana , nucellar seedlings) were graft inoculated on 20 Oct. 2010 with CLas

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Akira Kitajima, Atsu Yamasaki, Tsuyoshi Habu, Bannarat Preedasuttijit and Kojiro Hasegawa

by genomic in situ hybridization signals. Citron ( C. medica L.), pummelo ( C. maxima ), and one of the mandarins were theorized to be the original citrus species ( Coletta Filho et al., 1998 ; Davies and Albrigo, 1994a ; Handa et al., 1986

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William S. Castle, James Nunnallee and John A. Manthey

deficiency symptoms, and solution versus soil culture responses) is generally best among selections with a Citrus medica (citron) base and sour orange and related selections. Good sources of tolerance also appear to exist within several genera of the citrus

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Jinhe Bai, Elizabeth Baldwin, Jack Hearn, Randy Driggers and Ed Stover

( Citrus medica ), mandarin, and pummelo. Other cultivated Citrus species, such as sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon ( Citrus limon ), lime ( Citrus aurantifolia ), etc. are hybrids derived from these true species, with some contribution from species of the

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Mirko Siragusa, Fabio De Pasquale, Loredana Abbate, Letizia Martorana and Nicasio Tusa

wide range of morphotypes constituting these cultivars, but only partially agrees with the hypothesis that Monachello cultivar is a lemon × citron ( Citrus medica L.) hybrid ( Morton, 1987 ). ‘Monachello quattrocchi’ (MQ) was not discriminated. This

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Jules Janick and Kim Hummer

between these two ancient cultures ( Arikha, 2007 ). The herbal tradition. The Greek herbal Peri Ylis Iatrikis ( De Materia Medica in Latin; Of Medical Matters in English) written by Pedanios Dioscorides of Anazarba, a Roman army physician, in the

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Madhulika Sagaram and Jacqueline K. Burns

small-sized mottled leaves most yellow in color. A notable exception was Citrus medica (citron), scored as plants with moderate severity symptoms but leaves were mostly green in color. Genotype symptom group impact on quenching by leaf type