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Audrey M. Sebolt and Amy F. Iezzoni

Sweet cherry and some sour cherry cultivars exhibit gametophytic self-incompatibility controlled by multiple alleles at the S -locus ( de Nettancourt, 2001 ; Lansari and Iezzoni, 1990 ). Knowledge of the S -locus genotype and the resulting

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Jung Hyun Kwon, Ji Hae Jun, Eun Young Nam, Kyeong Ho Chung, Ik Koo Yoon, Seok Kyu Yun and Sung Jong Kim

Most Asian plum ( Prunus salicina Lindl.) cultivars have a self-incompatible mechanism that prevents self-fertilization ( Okie and Hancock, 2008 ). In fact, most rosaceous fruit tree species, including P. salicina , exhibit gametophytic self-incompatibility

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Neil Anderson, Lee Klossner, Neal Eash, Vincent Fritz, Minnie Wang, Stephen Poppe, Judith Reith-Rozelle, David Wildung, Shengrui Yao, Patricia Johnson and Barbara E. Liedl

self incompatibility system ( Peters and Anderson, 2006 ). Wandflower was first introduced in the 1840s and remained on the market for ≈60 years ( Raven and Gregory, 1972a , 1972b ). It returned to the market in 1994 with the introduction of ‘Siskiyou

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Toshio Hanada, Kyoko Fukuta, Hisayo Yamane, Tomoya Esumi, Ryutaro Tao, Thomas M. Gradziel, Abhaya M. Dandekar, Ángel Fernández i Martí, José M. Alonso and Rafel Socias i Company

Most of the fruit tree species in the genus Prunus (Rosaceae), including almond [ Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb.], exhibit the S-RNase-based gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) system ( de Nettancourt, 2001 ; Yamane and Tao, 2009 ). The

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Andrea Quintana, Rosanna Freyre, Thomas M. Davis and Robert J. Griesbach

genes and morphology locate it in the Myrsinaceae ( Källersjö et al., 2000 ). Genetic information about A. monelli is scarce, but it is known to exhibit gametophytic self-incompatibility ( Gibbs and Talavera, 2001 ; Talavera et al., 2001 ), and

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Hisayo Yamane, Megumi Ichiki, Ryutaro Tao, Tomoya Esumi, Keizo Yonemori, Takeshi Niikawa and Hino Motosugi

, K. 1997 Identification of stylar RNases associated with gametophytic self-incompatibility in almond ( Prunus dulcis ) Plant Cell Physiol. 38 304 311 Yonemori, K. Matsushima, J. Sugiura, A. 1983

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Carrie A. Radcliffe, James M. Affolter and Hazel Y. Wetzstein

pollen viability and gametophytic self-incompatibility have been observed in georgia plume and may be contributing to sexual failure in this species ( Radcliffe, 2009 ). Because of its rarity and desirable ornamental characteristics, attempts to propagate

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Sandra M. Reed and Timothy A. Rinehart

probably a moot point. Although H. paniculata exhibits gametophytic self-incompatibility, it is possible to obtain a few self seedlings ( Reed, 2004 ). NA 74383 is a seedling obtained from controlled self-pollinations of ‘Unique’ that was selected for its

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Keiko Sekido, Yusaku Hayashi, Kunio Yamada, Katsuhiro Shiratake, Shogo Matsumoto, Tsutomu Maejima and Hiromitsu Komatsu

consumers given their novel color and health benefits. Fertilization in apple is controlled by a gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) system in which not only self pollen tube growth, but also pollen tube growth from a different cultivar having the same

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Isidro Morales, Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Cirenio Escamirosa-Tinoco, Cinthia Nájera, Tatiana Pagan Loeiro da Cunha-Chiamolera and Miguel Urrestarazu

, whereas Peña-Lomelí et al. (2014) indicated that to produce greenhouse husk tomato, the problem of pollination must first be solved because of its gametophytic self-incompatibility ( Jiménez-Durán and Cruz-García, 2011 ; Santiaguillo-Hernández et al