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directly into the growth substrate produced about 200 plug transplants/m 2 . A system using a bin on the ground produced about 100 bare-rooted transplants/m 2 . Runners in the bin had higher levels of disease than in suspended systems. Field evaluation of

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Thomas E. Marler and Nirmala Dongol

number were recorded, then plants were bare rooted, separated into root and stem + leaf sections, and dried to constant weight at 70 °C to determine final dry weight. Final emergence was defined as the cumulative number of seedlings that emerged as a

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nutrition. Containerized Strawberry Plants Evaluated in Australia The productivity of containerized and bare-rooted (BR) plants of strawberry was investigated in subtropical Queensland, Australia. Five sets of experiments compared plants in small 75-cm 3

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Lucia Armin Langlé-Argüello, Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Patricia Araceli Santiago-García, Cirenio Escamirosa-Tinoco, Isidro Morales, and José Raymundo Enríquez-del-Valle

°1′31″N and 96°43′11″W and an elevation of 1530 m, in a plastic (200-μm) tunnel-type greenhouse with permanently open lateral and zenithal vents. We used 8-month-old Agave potatorum Zucc bare-rooted plants acquired from a commercial nursery in the Sierra

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Kaitlyn M. Orde and Rebecca Grube Sideman

covered with 1.25-mil embossed black plastic mulch (Poly Expert, Laval, QC, Canada) and equipped with a 10-mil single line of drip irrigation tape with a 12-inch emitter spacing (T-tape; Rivulis Eurodrip, San Diego, CA). Dormant bare-rooted strawberry

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Samuel E. Wortman, Michael S. Douglass, and Jeffrey D. Kindhart

above −6 °C, four plug (2012) or bare-rooted (2015) strawberry plants were transplanted into soilless media of each pot resulting in a total of 16 plants per tower. Bare-rooted plants were transplanted again in Apr. 2015 at DSAC due to a rare, killing

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John J. Sloan, Raul I. Cabrera, Peter A.Y. Ampim, Steve A. George, and Wayne A. Mackay

. A third set of standard #1 greenhouse containers was planted with bare-rooted 1-year-old seedlings of shantung maple. Each treatment was replicated four times with each replicate consisting of four individual #1 greenhouse containers. Pots were

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Frederick S. Davies and Glenn Zalman

is a correlation between N application rate, leaf N concentration, and growth in the field nursery. Materials and methods Season 1. Newly budded, bare-rooted ‘Hamlin’ orange trees on Carrizo citrange rootstock were obtained from a commercial nursery

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Bryan J. Peterson, Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Darren J. Hayes

are often bare-rooted after propagation to be overwintered in cold storage. Conclusions This research has the potential to result in profitability for the green industry because propagation is a major component of horticulture crop production. The

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Benjamin E. Deloso, Anders J. Lindström, Frank A. Camacho, and Thomas E. Marler

experiment produced AR or was identified as dead. On this date, all plants were bare rooted, then separated into roots, stems, and leaves. The fresh weight of each organ was recorded, and the number of coralloid root clusters was counted for each plant. Each